The Times We Live In

The Times We Live In When Normal Is Wrong
The Times We Live In, When Normal Is Wrong

We, most assuredly sadly, live in an age where all that is not male, not White, and/or not heterosexual is held up as greatness and in which anything male, White, and/or heterosexual is decried as abhorrent or, at the very least, utterly unworthy of praise or recognition due to that very maleness, Whiteness, and/or heterosexuality.

And do be aware and assured that our domestic enemies whole issue with normal people is that they are still the majority and still exemplars of- and adherents to the long-standing, dominant culture in and of America.

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SJW’s In A Nutshell

SJW’s In A Nutshell

What makes this video equal parts hilarious and maddening is that it’s so close to the objective truth of what’s happening and what’s heinously wrong with American society in these latter, degenerate days. Sure, I doubt that any comic or speaker ever had to suffer through all of these attacks by the ever-offended SJW’s in so rapid of succession, but we’ve all seen them be assaulted in each of these ways repeatedly.

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Progressive Triggering

Progressive TriggeringProgressive Triggering

The Liberals and Progressives may call it “Triggering” but it’s actually closer to “Detonating.” These mentally deranged failures are like unto a bunch of very poorly built and very unstable explosive munition. One slight shock to their systems and BOOM! they go off, praying spittle and vitriol over all and sundry.

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