Many Fine Mornings

Many Fine Mornings Have Started This Way
Many Fine Mornings Have Started This Way

I’m proud to say that many fine mornings have started this way for me, mostly in the Spring and Fall months when the weather calls to me to start the day with coffee over a fire.

A Solid, Country Breakfast
A Solid, Country Breakfast Is The Right Choice

And then, once my blood stream has been returned to its properly caffeinated state, I and my family like a hearty, country style breakfast cooked over and eaten around that same fire.

And yes, even though I and my family live in Brooklyn, this is a common breakfast scenario for us. I’ve got a good-sized grill/offset smoker out front and a smaller pit grill in our rear court. Both charcoal, not freaking gas or those pellet things. Proper charcoal as the God(s) intended. 😉

It’s all part of being who you are and doing what you love, irrespective of where you find yourself at any given time.

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Hidden Treasures

With the weather finally seeming to be warming up and improving, I do believe that it’s time to consider wandering around the city and seeing what bit of fun, interest, and/or beauty are hidden away.

You never know what beauty is hidden in plain sight
Hidden Treasures

Truly! You never know what hidden treasures you might and enjoy. And, for the more jaded, there’s also the potential for some more extreme urban exploration available.

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The Circle Of Life

Most people in the Civilized World are familiar with phrase and associated concept, “The circle of life.” Somehow though I think they’ve developed a romanticized and limited view of what it means. 😉

The Circle Of Life - At least for the productive members of society
The Circle of Life

That’s the real Circle of Life for most of us in the Civilized World. It’s soul-crushingly monotonous and without grace, romance, or passion – but it beats being eaten by lions.

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Homo Urbanensis Thugii

The Urban Thug (Homo Urbanensis Thugii) is a largely unstudied creature. Though having a large and growing population base and an expanding habitat, the dangers involved in studying them combined with the utter lack of empathy they inspire in researchers have kept study of them to a minimum.

Below is one of the few anatomical sketches of a representative member of the species:

Anatomical sketch of the Urban Thug detailing gross muscular development and underlying skeletal structures
Anatomical Sketch of Homo Urbanensis Thugii

NOTE: There is some debate among biologists and zoologists over the proper taxonomic classification of Urbanensis Thuggii; one school of thought places them as a subspecies of Man, hence Homo, while the other places them as a related species of hominid and classifies them as Hominidae Urbanensis Thugii.

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