Biden: The Unity We Need

The Unity We Need?

What makes this so extremely and nigh-on maddeningly tragicomic is that Biden comes across as being so stupid, clueless, lost, delusional, and senile that it’s believable that he could walk in on his junkie son, Hunter and his friends shooting up their drugs of the day and honestly believe that they were giving themselves coronavirus vaccinations. 🙄

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A Sailor’s Plaint

As a veteran of the Navy myself and as a man who grew up on and around the sea, I can and do agree with Mr. Hargraves’ complaint.

An objection to comparing Obama to a drunken sailor
Obama Is Not Like A Drunken Sailor

Neither Obama nor Congress spends money like a drunken sailor because a sailor, drunk or not, quits when they run out of their money. No, Obama and Congress spend money like crack or meth heads needing their next fix. When they run out of money, they just steal more.

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OMFG! A Nearby Rifle

Some deranged or drug-addled freak in San Jose, one Coco Bennett, decided to strip naked near the VTA station and brandished a “samurai” sword at the responding police officers. OK, there’s a naked vermin with a sword and what is the first thing the local CBS affiliate has to say about it?

SAN JOSE (CBS SF) — A man with an assault rifle in his car removed his clothes and brandished a Samurai sword at police in west San Jose for more than two hours before he was arrested while trying to flee, a San Jose police spokesman said.

That’s the mouthpieces of the anti-American Left for you. Some mentally deficient scum get buck naked and threatens the police with a sword saying, “You’re going to have to kill me” and starting a two-hour stand-off with law enforcement and the first thing that the MSM has to say about the whole debacle is that the police recovered an “assault rifle” from his pickup truck. 🙄

Even the patently false title of their article, “Naked Man Confronts San Jose Police With Sword, Assault Rifle” makes it clear that these domestic enemies want people to focus on the nearby “AR-15 style” rifle, even though Bennett didn’t use it or have it in his possession during the altercation.

I truly believe that America would be far better served by our placing “sensible restrictions and prohibitions” on the Free Press than upon firearm ownership. If nothing else, recent elections have proven that the Free Press murders far, far, far more people than all the firearms ever forged have throughout history.

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Not Normal At All

Crystal Meth – also called: Meth, Methamphetamine, crank, or tweak – is a particularly vile and destructive drug, though seemingly quite popular in some areas despite the damage that it causes the junkies using it.

Beyond the horrific physical damage that meth causes are the extreme changes in the junkies’ behavior. Also beyond this is some of the newer efforts to fight against this drug problem.

Sell Your Holes For 15$
15 Bucks For Sex Isn’t Normal


Beat An Old Man
Beating An Old Man For Money Isn’t Normal


Leave A Friend For Dead
Leaving A Friend For Dead Isn’t Normal


Pick For Bugs
Picking Under Your Skin For Bugs Isn’t Normal

Montana Meth Project’s print advertising, featured in high school newspapers and on billboards across the state of Montana, are not normal but when they’re fighting against meth addiction they apparently are.

I don’t really understand this marketing strategy because ads showcasing the negative consequences of behaviors have little, if any, proven track record of persuading people from such behavior.

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The Leftists’ Kool-Aid

The the Leftists, these Liberals and Progressives, have been drinking the Kool-Aid handed out to them by their master in great draughts is obvious. They gulp it down with the sick frenzy of addicts. Worse, like the true dregs of humanity that they are, when they are denied their preferred fix, they turn to cruder intoxicants such as what Obama sold throughout their ranks in recent times – much in the same way as derelicts will turn to Sterno when booze is not available.

What has been the question facing Americans though is what exactly is this Leftist Kool-Aid that they’re guzzling. Just what is this strange brew that give them such garish visions and whips them into such destructive frenzies? We, at long last, have found out…

We Have Found Their Kool-Aid

Sadly, even finding the intoxicant that these Liberals and Progressives so readily get hopped up on serves America little at all. It is easily and cheaply produced and, unlike the “Kool-Aid” of Jonestown, it’s not immediately fatal to the drinker, instead causing mortal harm to all those better people surrounding them.

I have my doubts about the possibility of reforming these addicts. A junkie is a junkie and will always be so and this Leninade seems worse than crack or meth, so a twelve-step program seems unlikely to help. Still, America has to do something about the Leftists and the Kool-Aid addiction.

At least we’ve discovered the Leftists’ Kool-Aid. Breaking the supply chain can be worked out later. 😛

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