Dems’ Spending Priorities

Dem's Spending Priorities - Any amount for brown foreigners, not one cent to protect White Americans.
Dems’ Spending Priorities

This aptly sums up the Democrats’ spending priorities. They’re happy to send $10 billion in foreign aid to Central America but refuse to even consider half that amount for a wall at America’s southern border… Mostly because our President wants one and promised to build one.

Then, this is a large part of why the Democrats should be – forcibly, if needs be and it will be needed – removed from office. Their TURDS has reached a point where they are a clear and present danger to others, especially the American people.

I swear, they hate President Trump and the American people, who voted for him and support his efforts to make America great again, so much that they’ve become some twisted funhouse of mirror of Robert Goodloe Harper, essentially saying, “Billions in tribute, but not one cent for defense!” solely because the POTUS is Donald Trump.

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Happy Retail Season

Happy Holiday Retail Season
Happy Retail Season, America!

Happy Retail Season, One and All! 👿 That’s right; retail season, not Christmas season – and, at this point, we’re deep in it, with only 17 shopping days left. So, forget about our nation’s domestic enemies’ war on Christmas; and too, accept that Christians lost that war before the Left ever engaged in it. Understand the true meaning of this holiday – spending, spending, spending.

Think about it.  Christmas holiday sales comprise about 19% of the retail industries’ total sales in any given year, resulting a bit over 700 thousand “seasonal employees” being hired throughout the US to handle the holiday rush of consumers eager to the point of danger to buy stuff.

And please, don’t forget that we have to buy the decorations too.  It’s just not Christmas without a house full of decorations made by migrant laborers in a Chinese sweatshop.

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A Sailor’s Plaint

As a veteran of the Navy myself and as a man who grew up on and around the sea, I can and do agree with Mr. Hargraves’ complaint.

An objection to comparing Obama to a drunken sailor
Obama Is Not Like A Drunken Sailor

Neither Obama nor Congress spends money like a drunken sailor because a sailor, drunk or not, quits when they run out of their money. No, Obama and Congress spend money like crack or meth heads needing their next fix. When they run out of money, they just steal more.

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Bad Habits

Obama's Bad Habits
Obama’s Bad Habits

Obama has a plethora of bad habits. For we, the People, the worst of his is his uncontrollable addiction to spending our money, the money of our children, and that of our children’s children.

Fortunately, the 2014 elections provide us with the possibility to enact an intervention. If we can hold the House and retake the Senate from America’s domestic enemies, we will have the ability to impeach the wastrel boy and kick his ass to the curb where he, his nasty whore, and her crotch-droppings she claims are his belong.

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How The Budget Is Spent

Once again America is about to be in yet another budget crisis or, at least, we’re about to be in another episode of Reality TV as Congress, Obama, and the various MSM pundits take part in their theatrical production over the debt ceiling.

The Obama BudgetHow The Budget Is Spent

It’s all just kabuki though. The problem is far less about the budget and the amount of spending than it is about who and what is glutting themselves upon the American people’s hard-earned wealth.

It’s not like the government, especially under the rule of the Obama Regime is ever going to starve. The only way we, the People are ever going to end their gluttony is to slit their throats.

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