Outside The Plague Lands

Outside The Plague Lands Things Are Beautiful

COVID-19 aka Coronavirus aka CCP Virus aka Wuhan Virus is, for now at least, primarily an urban plague, centered mostly upon Democrat Dense Pack municipalities. Outside those plague lands, things are better and more beautiful by far, as the 27 exemplars above show us.

So, barring massive changes, the beautiful heart and soul of America will make it through these times.

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From The Other Perspective


COVID-19 – From The Other Perspective
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People really need to check themselves and consider things like the various flus and this coronavirus pandemic from the other perspective, that of the viruses and bacteria.

They’re just trying to survive and propagate, people! What’s with all the speciesist hate? 😆

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Mr. Wuhan Leung

Mr. Wuhan Leung
Mr. Wuhan Leung

Ah yes! Mr. Wuhan Leung, the least popular Chinese immigrant in the world. And yes! With there being enough evidence to support the hypothesis that the Coronavirus got lose from a Chinese virology laboratory near Wuhan that the US and UK governments are investigating it, this is an apt description.

Of course, the Lamestream Media has been quick to “debunk” this and blame it on “Right-Wing Bigotry and Xenophobia.” Given those sorts’ ideologies and proclivities, however, that is itself further evidence, albeit low-grade, that the hypothesis is true and that “Wuhan Virus,” “China Virus,” or “CCP Virus” are proper terms for this disease.

Also telling is how the Leftists and their pet squints want to both make sure everybody knows two things: it wasn’t developed in a Chinese lab and that “those Right-Wing racists” believe it was. Simply put, while the former is likely true and largely uncontested, the latter is not except for a very few people.

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Easter In 2020 …

Easter In 2020 Feels A Bit Like That
Easter In 2020 Feels A Bit Like That

Oh yeah! Easter in 2020 ain’t like ones in the past. It feels a lot more like getting up close and personal with a facehugger. Worse, I’m not sure that 6ft is enough distancing to avoid their initial leap.

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CNN’s Virus Countermeasures

CNN’s Virus Countermeasures – Lie From Home

The Lamestream Media has taken heretofore unprecedented steps to protect its “journalists” during the Coronavirus pandemic. CNN has even instructed them to lie from home rather than from in the field.

Then, that’s the advantage of working for CNN during the (mis)information age; you can pretend to report upon the news from almost anywhere.

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