Bad Medicine Addict?

Are you or someone you know a bad medicine addict? If so, there is hope.

D.A.R.E - Democrat Abuse Resistance Education
Addicted To Bad Medicine? Seek D.A.R.E – Help Is Available

Democrat Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) can help you help yourself get your life, dignity, and soul back. Just say no to thugs.

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Politics Of Division

Obama, his handlers and proxies, and the Democrat party in general want Americans to believe that they’re inclusive and not centered upon the politics of division as the means of keeping power and their jobs. This is, of course, a lie and particularly stupid and poor executed one at that.

This is because you can’t lie effectively with only one side of your respective faces.

It’s just not possible to successfully claim inclusivity when you’re constantly attempting to “other” various groups of Americans, who together make up the majority and backbone of American culture, in order to pander to various exilic and inimical elements of the voting population.

While for decades the Democrats have based their platform on class warfare, and racial, gender, and sexual politics – all the while claiming to be inclusive – the situation has, with the advent of Obama, rapidly degenerated into a dangerous farce – not surprising since “dangerous farce” is an apt, if terse, description of the Campaigner-in-Chief.

Frankly, the entirety of Obama’s and the Democrats political platform is hate speech and is designed to influence certain historically Democratic voting blocs to engage in violence against Americans.

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Understanding Obama

A vast majority of Americans find understanding Obama, especially his domestic economic policies overwhelmingly difficult to do. The boy’s attempts at engineering the America economy just don’t make any sense to most Americans.

Understanding Obama
It’s Not Really That Hard To Understand Obama

All it really takes though is to put aside everything that you’ve ever learned such as: American history, economics, common sense, ethics and basic morality, and the evidence brought to you by your unaltered sense. Just drop out and tune into the rainbow pipe dreams of First Black President.

Heavy and repeated use of strong drugs helps too. 😆

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