Outlawing Americans

O-Dem-CrosshairsAmerica’s domestic enemies in the New York Legislature and Governor’s Mansion have just outlawed a broad segment of the Americans living within the state with the new gun control law that they rammed through in the dead of the night and without input from Americans.

They haven’t just placed a ban upon future sales of classes of certain weapons; they’ve criminalized whole classes of weapons and their owners.

Remember, the problem is not that these politicians and their families fear what they histrionically proclaim as “assault weapons” in the hands of Americans too much. It is that they do not fear precision bolt-actions weapons in those same hands enough.

I say that, if Americans are to be outlawed by the politicians, then they should act like outlaws and settle the matter of their freedom from tyranny as such outlaws always have.

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4 Responses to “Outlawing Americans”

  1. Ceefour Says:

    I guarantee those upstate ridge runners are NOT going to comply. Except maybe for s “token” item for show,the heavy stuff is going to ground where it will stay until needed. Seven shots only?? Hell yes model 1911s have done very well for 100 years with no problems. The old winchester 94 holds six rounds..7 with one up the spout….No Problem hey?? We will get by ok…for a while

  2. jonolan Says:

    That’s about what I’m expecting as well, Ceefour, for the most part. It is also close to what I’m hoping for.

    The pols “govern” only by the consent of the governed. If Americans simply choose not to comply with laws written and endorsed by our domestic enemies, we’ll pull their fangs quick enough.

    And, if that fails, we can always start shooting them and their families down like rabid dogs or learning from their precious Muslims and start using IEDs on them.

  3. The POTR Says:

    Here in Maryland the Governor told the State House he wanted to see tougher gun laws. I had to laugh when the news reported the Democratic Speaker was overheard telling his staff “How the hell do we do that? He knows we’ve pretty much banned everything already.”.

  4. jonolan Says:

    😆 That’s MD for you and their Libtard politicians.

    Maryland is one state that I, by and large, don’t miss. The exception to that being Linganore and Elk Run wineries, especially the former, and the easy deer hunting – like out of my kitchen window and into my backyard.

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