Obama On Hillary

One of the things about Obama is that he’s never let a previously “strongly held” opinion get in the way of issuing a contrary one later. It’s a political advantage of being so good at shucking and jiving. A case in point – one of a plethora – is Obama’s opinion of Hillary’s fitness for office.

Obama on Hillary - 2008 vs. 2016Obama on Hillary – 2008 vs. 2016

That’s Obama for you; he’ll say whatever he thinks will most benefit him at that moment. Back in 2008 it benefited the boy to malign Hillary. Now, in 2016 it benefits him to laud her.

Of course, his opinions have changed so often, especially during any given election cycle, that even the Lamestream media has ignored his endorsement of Hillary.

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Some Things Don’t Change

Some people, especially the Liberals and Progressives, loves to spout off about how times have changed and the old paradigms are no longer appropriate for America.

Some sorts don't change...
The Monkey’s Remain The Same

Yet times may seem to change but certain sorts and demographics don’t change. The monkeys remain same, dreaming of- and chattering for those free bananas and throwing feces when they don’t get them.

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Modern Economics

While Obama’s legacy will be both limited and unflattering, the boy has been significant in some ways. Obama’s installation as POTUS in 2008 ushered in a new, modern school of economics…

Chimp Relaxing - Waiting on EBT and his new Obama Phone
Modern School of Economics

Apparently, in a total departure from all previous Western schools of economic though, this modern, Obama-inspired set of economic theories is predicated upon completely separating remunerations from labor effort or worth. This is a new and significant economic idea and one that Obama and the Congressional Democrats should be given full credit- and remembered for.

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