The Best Halloween Costume

The Best Halloween Costume Ever
The Best Halloween Costume Ever

You might have to be Southern to really get this, and you likely have to be from a rural or suburban area. But, if you are, I’m sure you agree that this is The Best Halloween Costume Ever. 😆

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I’m Offended!

I'm Offended! Take Off Those Flags!
I’m Offended! Take Off Those Flags!

That’s right! We all “know” that wearing the Confederate flagor any clothing associated with The South or America’s rural culture – is racist and hate-filled. Or really, just anything celebrating Whites’ beauty or culture is going to run afoul of the SJWs and their #CancelCulture of racism, hate, and oikophobia.

Still, even a broken clock is right twice a day – or once, if it follows military time 😉 – and, in this instance, I heartily and happily agree with our frothing and gnashing Social Justice Warriors; those sweet, Southern babes should take off thos Confederate flag bikinis.

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A Nation Reborn In Joy


A Nation Reborn In Joy – The United States Of Dixie
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Y’all need to get over it and get over yaselves while you’re at it. Learn to have some fun with things instead of getting your precious panties all wadded up. Have some fun!

Oh, and y’all need to stop lighting shit on fire! Y’all gonna need something to burn when President Trump gets reelected, ya hear?

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A Southern Compromise


A Southern Compromise
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With it being October, it’s most definitely sweater time. But what about the warmer, Southern region and the Southwest? Well, they’ve always been willing to compromise up to a point. Hence, this Southern Compromise which bring “sweaters” to new regions. 😆

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Rebuked In The Name Of Jesus!

Yeah, Kalen Allen’s shtick includes more than a little racism – and cultural appropriation since he’s not Southern – but he’s still “on point” to many foodies and he’s funny while doing it. And, frankly, even though the Philadelphia-born-and-raised, Los Angeles-living food critic isn’t from The South, just about everything he’s saying could, would, and probably has come out of the mouths of Southerns – White, Black, and/or Whatever – when we’ve seen “gentrified” Southern food recipes.

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