Libs & North Korean Nukes

So, on June 12, 2018 President Trump once again made history. He became the first sitting American president to undertake to meet with any leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) aka North Korea. He also moved us closer to their denuclearization, normalization of relations between the US and the DPRK, and a formal peace upon the Korean Peninsula.

America’s deranged leftist domestic enemies, these so-called Liberals and Progressives, are … shall we just say less than pleased by these events.

Wanted To Be Nuked
Liberals Would Prefer North Korea To Nuke Us

And, as expected, the ever-insurgent purveyors of fake news, the Lamestream Enemedia – as exemplified by CNN – has been both quick and eager to both downplay the POTUS’ unique accomplishment and paint it in negative light. This despite the fact that President Trump by his own will ratcheted down the tensions between the US and North Korea by doing what no previous POTUS has done, taking a less hawkish stance again the DPRK and cancelling the regular military exercises the US conducts with South Korea – exercises that North Korean leaders have always rightly considered an existential threat to their regime.

But It's Trump!
But It’s Trump, So It’s Bad

But so far Democrat politicians have been largely silent upon the President’s diplomatic coup. I’m sure, however, that they’re more than ready to take action if it does come to pass that the US and the DPRK soon reach something akin to, or even more open than, detente. 😉

Dems Want Kim, Not Trump To Win
Democrat Politicians Are Ready For Peace With DPRK

Of course, if this had been Obama instead of President Trump, you can be sure that the Left, the Lamestream Enemedia, and the Democrat Politicians would be all up and lauding his “landmark diplomacy” and his ending of “America’s Hegemonic Control” Of Indochina.

Then, Obama was their President and they saw him as the man who would fundamentally transform America into the new “nation” they wanted to replace America with.

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Behind The Times

The current malformed and misborn yellow ape reigning in North Korea, Kim Jong Un screeched and hollered that he would destroy America. Obama’s response to this was to laugh…

North Korea is a backward nation that is woefully behid the times
Kim Jong Un Is Behind The Times

That’s the biggest problem with North Korea; they’re a backward nation filled with substandard hominids and ruled over by a waste of some ape’s sperm that is better suited to being turned under the soil as fertilizer than as anything allowed to look a human in they eye, much less speak to one.

Kim Jong Un and North Korea are really behind the times and are threatening to do what the Campaigner-in-Chief has already moved forward with undue alacrity. 😆

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Strange Bedfellows

Politics makes for strange bedfellows and war and Muslim Terrorism is just an extension of politics, so it’s unsurprising that Al-Qaeda’s “spiritual leader,” Osama Bin Laden would cultivate a relationship with North Korea’s yammering monkey, Kim Jong Il. Yet, who knew that it would take such a bizarre, depraved, and disgusting turn?

Strange Indeed! Most Believed Osama Preferred Goats

A leading Al-Qaeda cleric, Imam Abdul Al Akroot ibn Al Daa’reh Khanzeer responded to queries about Osama Bin Laden’s seemingly prohibited relationship with the North Korean dictator.

What Osama has done is permissible.  It is not the sin of homosexuality because Kim Jong Il is not a man; he is a monkey.  As Abdullah ibn Abbas narrated in the Kitab Al-Hudud, “There is no prescribed punishment for one who has sexual intercourse with an animal.”

Allah is merciful. Women of Islam are few and goats and such are many, and it is often hard for a man to tell them apart in the night. Allah knows this and thus it is halal.

Sadly, when questioned on the fact that the ayat immediately preceding the one that he cited (Book 38, Number 4450) called for the death of any man caught fornicating with an animal – and the death of the animal! – Imam Abdul Al Akroot went into a violent rage and became too incoherent to continue the interview.

The Civilized World just fervently and desperately hopes and prays that Osama Bin Laden and Kim Jong Il will not follow in the trend of celebrities couples and release a sex tape. 😯

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Obama’s Diplomacy

From even before Barack Obama was installed as the POTUS, he strove mightily to change the tone of America’s diplomacy with other world leaders and titular heads of state.  Since taking office he has been consistent in his efforts in this regard.

Obama Almost Always Extends The Hand of Friendship
Obama Almost Always Extends The Hand of Friendship

So far, I would say that President Obama has completely reversed over 30 years of American diplomacy and foreign policy. That being the case, it’s only fair to say that Obama’s diplomacy is one area in which he’s well on his way to achieving his oft-if-carefully-nuancely-stated goals… 😉

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Nigerien Coup

Nigeria's dictator of the moment, Mamadou TandjaA few overseas sources are reporting that there is currently a coup underway in Niger. Forces – currently unidentified – are trying to forcibly remove the quasi-dictator Mamadou Tandja from power. It seems to be a coup d’état as opposed to a general uprising since smoke is reported to be coming from Tandja’s palace but there are no report of general violence beyond the normal “background noise” of Nigerian society.

Supposedly Tandja’s guardsmen are not doing well in defending their “President” and things look grim both Mamadou Tandja’s rule and, Given Sub-Saharan Africa’s politics, life.

From Ireland’s non-profit Public Service Broadcaster, RTÉ:

A coup attempt is under way in Niger with the country’s President Mamadou Tandja described by a senior French official is ‘not in a good position’.

Smoke was seen rising from Niger’s presidential palace in what an intelligence officer said was a coup attempt President Mamadou Tandja’s guardsmen were trying to put down.

President Tandja, ruler of the uranium exporting central African nation for a decade, has come under heavy domestic and international criticism for last year orchestrating a reshuffle of the constitution to entrench and extend his power.

He dissolved parliament and orchestrated a constitutional reform in 2009 that gave him added powers and extended his term beyond his second five-year mandate, which expired in December.

The constitutional referendum in August, condemned internationally and at home, eliminated many of the remaining checks on Tandja’s authority, abolished term limits, and gave him an initial three more years in power without an election.

The constitutional court declared that vote illegal, to which President Tandja responded by abolishing the court and replacing its members with his own appointees.

West Africa’s regional bloc suspended Niger in October and the US terminated trade benefits for the country in December.

Niger is one of the world’s leading producers of uranium. It produces around 7.5% of the world’s uranium, according to the World Nuclear Association.

As the cost of oil and fears over global warming have rekindled interest in nuclear energy, Niger has handed out over 130 prospecting licenses, most of which have been for uranium.

However, just 10% of these are currently active as the political uncertainty comes on top of a two-year revolt led by Tuareg nomads calling for greater autonomy for the north, and a larger slice of the revenues from natural resources.

I doubt that this will be more than throw away one liner mentioned en passant by the American MSM since they’re myopic, parochial, and currently seemingly afraid of mentioning African unrest out of fear of it somehow “tainting” the half African President Obama. Despite their silence though, this is a matter of international importance that we should be more than a little concerned about.

The Dangers

Niger is an oil exporting country and China buys a large portion of their annual production. Anything that destabilizes oil production in Nigeria will impact not only oil prices in general but China’s stance on such issues as sanctions against Iran and various other trade agreements.

Niger’s uranium resources are also very important to the world. Not only, in the wake of the AGW hype, has nuclear power production returned to being an acceptable idea across the world, but it’s quite conceivable that unrest in Nigeria will facilitate the illegal sale of uranium to rogue states seeking either nuclear weapons or “dirty bomb” materials such as North Korea and Iran, both of whom have limited and “constrained” domestic uranium mining operations.

And, of course, one only has to look at Somalia to see that civil unrest and the collapse of the government – however vile and despicable that government is – gives the Islamists a chance at gaining control of large swaths of territory.

The Hope

On the other side of the equation, and equally deserving of media coverage, is the fact there is currently a coup underway to drive a vile and pernicious quasi-dictator from power in an African nation. This could well be cause for jubilation.

Currently Niger is sanctioned by the US and cutoff from relations with the rest of the West Africa’s regional bloc.  A regime change could well, depending on what group of people is behind it, result in the normalization of relations between Nigeria and both the West and the rest of the West African nations.


Just don’t expect to hear much of from the American Media.  As I said, for their own reasons they’re uninterested in reporting news from Africa. 🙁


UPDATE [February 18, 2010 4:45 PM EST]: Both the BBC and The Times in England are reporting that coup d’état in Niger was initially successful and that Mamadou Tandja and much of his cabinet are the custody of the opposition.

The Times further states that the coup was by disgruntled members of the Nigerien military came after the collapse of talks between Mamadou Tandja’s regime and the Opposition over a recently “adopted” referendum allowing President Tandja to hold power indefinitely.


And we finally have a US report on the issue. The Wall Street Journal posted an article about it.  Say what you want about News Corporation but they’re global presence and coordinated efforts have their benefits.


UPDATE [February 19, 2010 6:45 AM EST]: The Daily Monitor in Uganda is reporting coup was led by Colonel Adamou Harouna and was aided by Colonel Djibril Hamidou, both officers in Niger’s military. While Colonel Harouna is previously unknown, Colonel Hamidou was the spokesman for the 1999 coup that removed a military ruler, Colonel Ibrahim Bare, and ushered in elections that sadly led to Mamadou Tandja becoming President of Niger.

Colonel Karimou of Niger's CSRD
Colonel Djibril Hamidou of Niger’s CSRD

The Guardian is reporting that the junta that seized power calls itself the Supreme Council for the Restoration of Democracy (CSRD) and has appointed squadron chief Salou Djibo as its and Niger’s leader.

What fighting there was is reported to have died out and there does not seem to be a strong likelihood of a counter-coup in the immediate future.

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