Inequality In Education

The is an inequality in education in America, just as their is an inequality in education wherever civilization has reached the point of wealth and security where studies can move from the practical to the esoteric.

Simply and bluntly put, not all college degrees are equal in value, not by a long shot.

The Value of Your Pratt BFA Degree
Would You Like Artistically Arranged Fries With That?

Yes, your “art” sucks, insofar as it will not be found worthy of purchase by the majority of people and you’ll likely never make a living off of it.

Yes, your BFA is worth something only in a very small pool of jobs with a large pool of applicants.

Yes, you will likely be forced to toil and trudge away in some meaningless job that you hate until the last spark of creativity is finally abraded from your soul.

No, you didn’t spend four years of your life and tens of thousands of dollars of your parents’ money very wisely at all. 😉


NOTE: Pratt Institute has some very well-respected and fine degree programs such as Architecture and Library Sciences and I would never claim otherwise. Their BFA program, however, is as much of a waste of time and parents’ money as any other such scam.

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3 Responses to “Inequality In Education”

  1. Rebekah Thomas Tharpe Says:

    Sadly in todays economy there are so many degrees/jobs like that.

  2. Rebekah Thomas Tharpe Says:

    It is sad…not just the arts but so many degrees/jobs are like this now.

  3. jonolan Says:

    True, very true, Rebekah. I just have less sympathy for the artist types than for others.

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