I’m Offended By Islam

I’m offended by Islam and so is Britain’s Pat Condell. This should tell you something important; when a theist such as myself and a rather aggressively atheist personality agree on the pernicious evil and offensiveness Islam and Muslims, it and they are very offensive indeed.

I’m Offended By Islam

Admittedly, being British, Mr. Condell has even more reason to be offended by Islam and the dhimmitude and cowardly cult of appeasement he’s immersed in than I, as an American do. Condell lives in nation where a Christian preacher was arrested for saying that homosexuality was a sin but Muslims can say anything they want with utter impunity.

Mr. Condell mentioned it, but allow me to make the point much more clear. I’m deeply offended by the continuing existence of the cult of the Pedophile Prophet but I’m even more offended by those who are, themselves, either not offended by the Muslim vermin or who refuse to act upon their offendedness due to either fear of violence from the filthy, raghead animals or due to political correctness.

Of course, I’m not a cultist of the Religion of Perpetual Offensive, Outrage, and Feral Violence so my being offended doesn’t matter, nor does that of any other human because were too weak to do what is right and necessary.

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4 Responses to “I’m Offended By Islam”

  1. FX Phillips Says:

    That’s because the cowardly dhimmi’s that lord over us know all you’ll do is write a snarky blogpost and not go and blow up the nearest pizzeria in protest.

    The fact is the phobia is on the wrong foot as the projection being engaged in by the Islamists and their leftist co-conspirators and media apologist is so grand that 20th Century Fox is going to use it for it’s next action adventure fantasy Mohammed- Prophet of Pieces.

  2. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    Ghack. This is very politically incorrect.

    Indeed, not blowing up the local pizza joint is what sets us apart from the more successful religion of peace.

  3. jonolan Says:

    As political correctness has been defined by America’s domestic enemies, that which violates it is probably the right action, Fenris.

    Perhaps Americans should get off our high horses and learn from the Muslims…

  4. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    Yes, one should learn from the ‘opposition’.

    After you sift through the smoke of battle, the confused reports at Brigade HQ, and the dated suggestions from Supreme HQ in Richmond, you come to a general conclusion:

    You are an Army of One.


    One can start there.

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