Normally, I would be one of that last people to either rant or wax sarcastic over a politician’s incessant lying. Mendacity is part and parcel of being a politician; no successful, i.e., elected and employed, politician can normally be other than a liar.

Obama is, however, a special case.

Obamnoccio’s Nose Is Getting Long

Obama has a propensity for lying that goes far beyond what most politicians have. He stands out from the crowd in the frequency, the scale, and the foolishness of his lies.

Where it not that the boy’s constituency either want desperately to believe his lies or don’t believe them but endorse his ends, he’d not being a figure of note today.

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4 Responses to “Obamnoccio”

  1. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    That hundred percent of the voters that voted for him in Philly cannot be wrong

  2. FX Phillips Says:

    My dad had a saying:

    “He only tells the truth when a lie won’t fit”

    Thus he lies as easily as he breathes. But then again he was trained in dishonesty from his earliest education. From the false piety of the “religion of pieces” to the fundamentalism of the “religion of state” he and his backers know that they have to mouth the words of “freedom” and “liberty” while they empty those terms of meaning and fill them with their opposites.

    After all it was progressive godfather Woodrow Wilson who proclaimed that ultimate freedom was the freedom to acquiesce to the general will the state(as defined by self serving demagogues like Wilson) and that democracy could only be achieved by the empowerment of professional governing class

    …For Wilson, since the state is simply the extension of the organic will of society, the state must superintend individual self development in order to make sure that it proceeds in conformity with social development. In his lecture notes on administration, Wilson explained that the state -as the embodiment of society’s organic will- is the natural completion of the individual. The individual’s will becomes objectified by his participation in the state. Wilson contended that the state is “the eternal, natural embodiment and expression of a higher form of life than the individual, namely, that common life which gives leave to individual life, and opportunity for completeness,- makes individual life possible and make it full and complete. Compare this to Hegel’s in the “Philosophy of History”:”It is the moral Whole, The State which is that form of reality in which the individual has and enjoys his freedom… All the worth which the human being possesses-all spiritual reality, he possesses only through the State. The role of the state, for both Hegel and Wilson, is to ensure that the development of the individual’s subjective will conforms to the broader, objective will of the state; the state is to connect individual development with social development

    Pestritto- Woodrow Wilson and the Roots of Modern Liberlism pg 82


    …To make his point he provides a highly revealing example of his idea of democracy: the civil service. Wilson admitted that from the perspective of traditional democratic thinking,the civil service seems undemocratic, in that its members are not elected and it elevates the educated man over the common man. But he contended that this governance by educated experts is democratic in much higher sense: the experts in the civil service will not be distracted by the contending of special interests in majoritarian politics…

    Ibid pg. 72

    Except when they become a special interest in their own monetary well being and the protection of their petty fiefdoms. Then they throw in with whoever will give them the most of both with fewest consequence for their actions.


    …but will instead discern the true and implicit unified will of the nation. The civil service will thus be in the best position to adjust governmental policy to the evolving will of society

    Ibid pg 72

    As defined by those same ruling elites. Nothing like being a judge in your own case eh?

    Fake but accurate, slavery is freedom, oligarchy is democracy. Wilson was Orwell before Orwell was cool.

    The noble lie has been around since Plato. Where all manner of dishonesty is forgiven if the liar’s intentions are “for the common good”. And this is what passes for progressiveness. Centuries old nostrums tied up in a Lakoffian rhetorical bow and passed off as “new and improved” progressivism now 50% more impoverishing. That last part is in the fine print of this deal the ignorati ans malign of this country have made with the statist devil

    Sorry for the run on rant. Sometimes these get out of hand.

  3. Alan Scott Says:

    Remember how often President Bush was accused of lying? The Leftists acted as if they cared about truth. Now they don’t even pretend. You can point out hypocrisies and lies from our Fearless Leader and it means nothing. They are at war with America. In a war you do not tell the truth to your enemy.

    Obummer advances the ball. They are happy with however he gets it done.

  4. jonolan Says:


    Of course not; nor could any of those 100% or greater turnouts for Obama be voter fraud and, given the demographics of the precincts, it’s racist to even allude to fraud being the case.


    Don’t worry about the long rant. It was well-worth the read, and you’re right on all counts. Liberal Newspeak and Newthink puts Orwell’s dystopian fantasy to shame.


    Of course. Our domestic enemies know what they are and what they want; and there’s nothing that they won’t do and no low that they won’t sink to in order to achieve their goals at Americans’ expense.

    The sooner that Americans realize this fully, start treating these Leftist filth as what they are, and doing everything and everything to destroy them and erase their ideology, the better off we’ll be.

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