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The current malformed and misborn yellow ape reigning in North Korea, Kim Jong Un screeched and hollered that he would destroy America. Obama’s response to this was to laugh…

North Korea is a backward nation that is woefully behid the times
Kim Jong Un Is Behind The Times

That’s the biggest problem with North Korea; they’re a backward nation filled with substandard hominids and ruled over by a waste of some ape’s sperm that is better suited to being turned under the soil as fertilizer than as anything allowed to look a human in they eye, much less speak to one.

Kim Jong Un and North Korea are really behind the times and are threatening to do what the Campaigner-in-Chief has already moved forward with undue alacrity. 😆

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  1. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    Have you seen the movie ‘The Manchurian Candidate’?

  2. jonolan Says:

    Yes, Fenris, both iterations and I’ve read Condon’ novel.

    Obama, however, doesn’t match up with Sgt. Shaw very well. Obama wasn’t an America who was captured and brainwashed by our enemies and sent back to wreak harm upon us. Obama was raised as our enemy from birth and has always, within the limits of his pathological narcissism, been loyal to the quite foreign nation that the Left wants to replace America with.

  3. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    Quite a few have been raised in such a fashion.

  4. Alan Scott Says:

    When George Bush and Israel stood up to Islamic terrorism, I remember articles in liberal news outlets and posts on liberal boards about American imperialism and Zionist aggression towards the peace loving folks of the middle east.

    I keep looking for similar items concerning Obama’s imperialistic threats against the peaceful population of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea.

  5. FX Phillips Says:

    Understand this- when America and Israel defend themselves it is always an act of aggression for the left and their Islamic sock puppets. In their eyes we are marauders and baby killers for responding to their wanton violence, both real and their assault on reality and logic.

    To them we have committed the greatest of all crimes;we are successful outside the central planners plans. That is we succeeded without the help of our self anointed betters. They will forgive you if you recant and join the fold(Ted Kennedy- misogynous and murderer; Robert Byrd-card carrying Klansman) but if you stand on your success you must be brought to account by these self proclaimed moral exemplars.

    We have shown their faith in the state as a false premise. Like any religious zealot they cannot allow that to stand.

    You will never see such denunciations of Obama as he is their statist Moses delivering them to the land of redistribution ans social justice.

  6. jonolan Says:


    If, and that’s a BIG if, Obama does anything meaningful about North Korea, the Left won’t complain. They’ll wait for it to be over, and complain about the boy’s successor’s – if he or she is a Republican – later efforts instead.


    In the broader scope I agree with you but, in the narrower context of anything involving Israel, I disagree with you about the rationale of our domestic enemies. They’re singular problem with Israel is based upon it being a Jewish state. It’s not coincidental that the only nation other than America that they hate and refuse to accept is the only Jewish one.

  7. FX Phillips Says:

    I think their antipathy is toward either of the two western religions. Look at how they freak out if you so much as hint that America has as one of it’s foundational ideas Judeo-Christian morality.

    Only the religions of atavistic tribalists are respected and then only in the most hypocritical and cynical fashion as they have the same goals but different masters in minds.

  8. jonolan Says:

    I’ll concede that point, FX, but their specific hatred for Israel sure seems to have it’s roots in antisemitism.

    Then again, they may only hate Israel because America supports them against the wishes of the Muslim World.

  9. FX Phillips Says:

    I think you’re correct about an underlying anti-semitism.

    This was dormant in the years just after WWII and the creation of Israel. They was some heavy guilt going around and the Europeans were rightly chastened by the abomination of the holocaust. Quite frankly I think they saw Israel in the way we saw Liberia in the 19th century.

    I think much of their early “pro” Israel stance was that a) they embraced the new left economic model and b) they felt it was essentially evanescent as eventually they would be crushed under the weight of the Arab populations. Then they could stand around saying tsk tsk to the Arabs while secretly sniggering that they got the Arabs to do their dirty work.

    This subterfuge ended in 1967 when the Isaeli’s showed they were not just going to lay down and die.

    This changed with the six-day war in 1967, when Israel launched a pre-emptive strike to defeat the Jordanian, Egyptian and Syrian forces that seemed about to invade. It was a stunning victory, but it led to the occupation of the West Bank, Gaza and Sinai. To European socialists, who had rallied to the underdog Israel in 1967, the Palestinians were now the oppressed and displaced. Israel came to be seen as a neo-colonial regional superpower, not the plucky survivor of the Holocaust keeping powerful neighbours at bay.

    This plus our now open support[of Israel] fed the international elite’s false narrative of “capitalist imperialism and aggression” at a time when Europe was resentful of our presence in opposition to the Soviet Russia.They were fine with Israel as a temporary expedient to get the Jews out of the neighborhood but when it became clear that they meant it when they said “never again” they dropped the facade. This plus increasing immigration from Islamic countries to prop up the demographic suicide intrinsic in the european welfare state , gender war feminism, the seeming paradox of a more affluent society producing fewer and the elitist need to import more victims as props for their grabs of wealth and power has lead to an increasingly virulent anti Semitic environment.

    Our elites with their unseemly oikophobia and their preternatural need to please those whom they see as our urbane and sophisticated betters joined in in a rush of brazen sycophancy never once understanding, or worse yet understanding and hiding the fact, that they served to advance two of the most toxic to humans and obviously imperialist creeds ever to be concocted in the minds of men- Marxism(and it’s secular epigones) and Isalmism.

  10. Alan Scott Says:

    Meanwhile as our fearless leader focuses on N.Korea, Iran moves forward with it’s ” unacceptable ” nukes. I am thinking that one of these clowns is due for something really stupid very soon. With the stock market up very nicely year to date, this ain’t a bad time to take profits off the table.

  11. jonolan Says:

    Obama and his overseers prefer to have the MSM focus on North Korea because that draws attention away from the fact that Obama will do nothing but occasionally posture about Iran.

    The Iranians want to exterminate the Jews, which is something I think that Obama favors, and general unrest in the Mid-East would be the only thing that would make his various “green energy” boondoggles actually work.

  12. Alan Scott Says:


    It is too late for his boondoggles even if the whole Middle East blows up. His EPA Kommissars screwed up and did not shut down fracking. In my general Allentown Pa area, even our liberal newspaper is running positive stories about how cheap natural gas is bringing industry into our semi rust belt. Even with the Keystone pipeline and offshore drilling fiascoes, North American energy production will continue to go up.

    Pennsylvania at least benefits from the stupidity of it’s Green neighbor States. New York State has a two year ban on fracking and Maryland’s Governor won’t issue any drilling permits. More industry for us.

    Maryland can afford to be stupid forever because it benefits from the DC money stream. NY State not so much.

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