Obama’s Hopes & Prayers

President Obama, after months months of vacillating while his campaign committee analyzed his strategy, finally allowed US and NATO military forces forces to move ahead with the much-needed and long overdue extermination of the Taliban.

As US and NATO forces move to eradicate the vermin of the Taliban, Obama Hopes and Prays He Won't Be Goldstoned
Obama Hopes He Won’t Be “Goldstoned”

Of course that means he now has to personally face the Muslim terrorists’ most dangerous weapons, filth like Richard Goldstone and other vermin like him who are the true weapons of jihad wielded by the Islamists and their neo-Janissaries, the UN.

Personally, I’m not too worried about President Obama being “Goldstoned” by the Muslim-loving terrorist sympathizers. He and the White House press corps – MSNBC, ABC, NY Times, CNN, etc… – can easily handle such paper terrorism. It would be obvious, after all, that any such complaints would actually be just examples of racism and the UN’s deep-seated problem with a Black man being POTUS. 😉

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