Bake Bred They Said


Bake Bred, They Said

For some reason that totally escapes me, baking became The Thing during the ongoing COVID-19 lock-downs – especially baking sourdough and focaccia. The problem is that not everyone is even marginally good at baking bread.

On the other hand – and hopefully on the counter too πŸ˜‰ – failure can be often be remediated by simply changing the victory conditions.

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Life After Quarantine

Life After Quarantine

Yessiree! To my mind, the lock-downs surrounding the coronavirus pandemic are going to reshape America. πŸ˜†

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Ceded Authority

Now That You’ve Ceded Authority Once…

Now that you’ve ceded authority to the government for the supposed sake of your safety and everyone else’s once, what now? What about the next time the would-be dictators, benevolent or not, want to strip your constitutional rights away under the penumbra of it being for your health and safety and that of everyone else?

You’ve Set A Precedent

You’ve set a precedent, a precedent that the government at any level can freely violate most parts of the 1st Amendment if they rationalize it as being for the sake of public. Precedents are hard to overturn once established, especially if they’ve been accepted by any court.

And, when a precedent favors the government by expanding their control, it will be used again, each time with a little broader scope or in a context a little further away from whatever crisis was the basis for setting that precedent.

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On The Bright Side

On The Bright Side, Mosquitoes Are Screwed
On The Bright Side, Mosquitoes Are Screwed

Depending upon your views, either COVID-19 or our media-born, panicked response to it, has done a great deal of damage to our nation, particularly our economy. On the bright side though, this year’s crop of mosquitoes is royally fucked. The little bloodsuckers hatched and there’s been few there for them to feed off of.

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Disturbing Lock Down

By This Point, Lock Down Is Getting Disturbing
By This Point, Lock Down Is Getting Disturbing

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