Throw The Dog A Bone

In what I hope is delectable reprise of both a recurrent sentiment on Reflections From A Murky Pond and a previous article, allow me to reiterate that meat is for men and bones are for dogs.

Meat is for men; bones are for dogs
Curvy Girls Are Beautiful

So, if you so choose, throw the dog a bone and save the delicious, tender, meaty curves for yourself. It’s a win-win situation. The dogs will be happy – they eat cat shit after all – with the bones, and we men can enjoy the meaty curves that we so love without happy to hear their yapping.

Bones Are For Dogs; Meat Is For Men

And really! I can’t think of a better response to those dogs that bitch at men who love curvy women than to throw them a bone and say, “crunch it up, boy!” I’d say something similar about the complaints from those skinny bitches but throwing them to those dogs is a felony. 😉

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