Islam Means Peace

Islam Means Peace
Islam Means Peace! It Really Does!

Both etymologically and in common practice “Islam” means “Peace” and, hence both the Muslims and their Dhimmis are correct in saying that Islam is the religion of peace. Of course, it’s the same, exact sort of peace that the “House Negroes” aka “House Niggers” achieved between themselves and their masters – the peace of uncontested slavery.

Neither the peace of Islam nor peace with Islam is anything that any freeman should ever accept.

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Believe The Muslims

Muslims and their Dhimmi shills keep claiming that Islam is the religion of peace and that Muslims are, except for a tiny few, nonviolent. They’re pretty adamant about this point…

Behead those who say Islam is violent
Judge Muslims By Their Words

Perhaps it would be wise for Mankind to judge Islam and the Muslims by their own words. Perhaps we should believe the Muslims when they so plainly and earnestly tell us things.

Islamic Peace Talks

After all, Muslims have been telling us this for over a thousand years and they’ve never wavered from their position or assertions. Isn’t it past time that the Civilized World believed the Muslims and acted accordingly with a due dispatch?

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The Religion Of Peace

Rage Boy - A Devout Pakistani Muslim Behaving The Only Way It Knows HowMuslims and their uselful idiots, the Dhimmis, just love to describe Islam as the “Religion of Peace.” Doing so well serves the Islamists’ agenda.

I think, however, that this can be firmly set aside as a delusional falsehood be each and every vaguely sane person on the planet Earth. Better and far more accurate would be to describe Muhammad’s cult as the “Religion of Outrage.

Decades of worldwide violence and mayhem in response to any and all perceived insults to their Pedophile Prophet put the lie to any claim that Islam is other than a cult of subhuman violence and perpetual outrage.

Forget the Muslim Terrorism that has been so well documented in recent years. Both Muslims and their Dhimmi apologists, shills, and fellow travelers are actually speaking facts when they claim that only a tiny fraction of Muslims directly engage in actual terrorist activities. Such terrorism is not point and, in and of itself, is not proof of the inherent violence and insanity of the Muslim World.

What the Civilized World needs to pay more attention to- and show far less tolerance for is the widespread, cross-cultural “grass roots” violence that is endemic to the Muslim populations of the world. From Calais to Jakarta and Stockholm to Capetown the standard Muslim response to anything that they feel violates their religious sensibilities has consistently been violent rioting resulting in countless injuries and deaths and property damages in the tens of billions of dollars.

This is a worldwide plague that spans wildly disparate cultures, which shows that it’s religious, not cultural in nature. This isn’t an “Arab problem” or a “Tribal problem” as some want to claim so as to have Islam seem blameless. The only thing that all the violence has in common is Islam.

No. The Religion of Peace is only peaceful when it’s getting it way without any complaint from the Civilized World. In all other times it’s the Religion of Outrage.

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