1st Snowflakes Of 2018

1st Snowflakes Of 2018
1st Snowflakes Of 2018

Yeah, you just know that numbers of deranged and still unmedicated Liberals and Progressives are ringing in the new year, not with joyous cries but with sobs and bitter mutterings. Happily, among and foremost of them will be Kathy Griffin since even CNN fired her from their New Year’s programming this year.

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You Still Need A Sweater

You Still Need A Sweater

It may be nearing the end of February, but it’s still pretty cold and you still need a sweater. Fortunately, sweaters suit the season and heat things up very nicely indeed. 😉

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Yeah, It Snowed In NYC

As I believe most people in the Civilized World know, it snowed in NYC over the weekend. We got a couple of feet of snow in the city courtesy of Jonas and they called it a blizzard.

NYC Winter
Yeah, It Snowed In NYC

Of course, in what I assume was unfortunate for the Lamestream Media, we handled the storm and its aftermath in normal New York fashion.

Frankly, as you should be able to guess from the babe above, the longest lasting and most impacting effect of Jonas upon NYC is likely to be the uptick of births in the city come this October. 😛

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