Sweaters Are Still In Order

Sweaters Are Still In Order

It may titularly be Spring, but believe me that for most of the Northern Hemisphere sweaters are still very much in order. Got to keep warm and heat things up somehow. 😛

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“Snow Predicted”

Snow Predicted - Oil on Canvass“Snow Predicted”

Yeah, that’s about as iconic as one can get when it comes to how so many Americans react to any prediction of severe weather. 🙄

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1st Snowflakes Of 2018

1st Snowflakes Of 2018
1st Snowflakes Of 2018

Yeah, you just know that numbers of deranged and still unmedicated Liberals and Progressives are ringing in the new year, not with joyous cries but with sobs and bitter mutterings. Happily, among and foremost of them will be Kathy Griffin since even CNN fired her from their New Year’s programming this year.

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