Boots On The Ground

I’ve been a lot places across the globe and many of those places haven’t been the sort that one goes to for a vacation. Frankly, many of them have been quite horrific by the gentrified standards of the West. Hence, I see things that others miss – such as the actual state policing in the ghettos.

Boots on the GroundPeriodically and with growing frequency Americans are beset by complaints and rantings from Liberals, Progressives, and Blacktivists about how the police operate in the various and normally crime-ridden Black-controlled municipalities. Such jabberings shouldn’t be given the handout of too much credence but they should be listened to and processed because they’re part of the situation and help fuel the problem.

Yes, there are some behaviors on the part of the police that in the context of normal civilian law enforcement can be described as excessive. Similarly, there are policies in place by law enforcement that in the context of normal civilian policing seem a bit draconian. However, that is all inherently in the context of normal civilian situations and do not believe that context is truly applicable to the ghettos.

I can’t really see anything more than superficial differences and differences of magnitude – for now – between what our soldiers have gone through when they had boots on the ground in places like Fallujah or Lashkar Gah and what the police go through when they have boots on the ground in places like Ferguson and Compton. And the law enforcement policies and the behaviors of the police are similar too to those of soldiers in such benighted places.

True, there’s a happy dearth – so far – of snipers in the ghetto and a total absence – again, so far – of IEDs and roadside bombs in the ghettos. There is, however, other forms and levels of threat to the police and there is the same sort of hate-filled indigenous populations who are uncooperative to the extreme and who view the police as enemy occupiers, enforcing foreign law and control over their lands. And, just like Fallujah or Lashkar Gah, there’s always the credible threat of mass violence lurking just under the surface, ready to hit flashpoint without even a moment’s notice.

Yes, it’s sad to say but boots on the ground are boots on the ground and there’s no intrinsic difference to the situations based solely upon national borders and which uniforms the men and women wear.  The same measures need to be taken; the same mistakes will be made; and the same attitudes will grow and fester.

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Crimes Of War

Barack Obama: murderer and war criminal
Obama – The Never-to-be-Indicted War Criminal?

Do you think the Liberals and Progressive living within and off of America will ever demand that Obama be tried for warcrimes and crimes against humanity? Nah, I don’t either…That’d be racist. 😆

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The Crimean Not-War

There’s at lot hot air being blown about by politicians and their pet talking heads about Russia’s supposed invasion of Ukraine. All across the globe there’s a chorus complaints and threats set to the disharmonious twin beats of statecraft and sabre rattling.

The Russian “Invasion” Of Ukraine
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But politically awkward reality is that Russian military forces have occupied only the peninsula of Crimea and have not imposed themselves upon mainland Ukraine. They’ve done this under the political pretext of protecting Russians and/or Russian speakers in Ukraine from violent reprisals from anti-Russian Ukrainian militants. Yet the best estimate at this time is that Putin is only really interested in maintaining control of- and providing security for Russia’s Black Sea naval base in Sevastopol, which is their Navy’s only access to the Mediterranean.

This is not to say that, given the right foreign impetus, this Crimean Not-War couldn’t turn into the next Crimean War. The Crimean Peninsula is more formally called the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and is only somewhat part of Ukraine – how a part much having been a point of contention for some time. It’s also more pro-Russia than pro-European, though there’s a strong antagonism between its two majority demographics, Muslim Tartars and Russian Christians. In other words, as it has always been, it’s ripe for conflict.

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A Catch-22 SNAFU

Private SNAFUThere is, quite rightfully, a lot of kerfuffle over the Obama Regime’s new military budget which cuts the military to pre-WW2 strength levels. This is a logical and pragmatic fear-based outraged. The world is largely not our friend and a weakened military is not Americans’ ally at all.

On the other hand, this is not the gutting of our defensive strength that it is proclaimed to be. We’re talking about just under a 20& reduction in force over the next 5 years if nothing changes. Hence, the complaint are largely, though by no means entirely, unfounded and spurious.

No, what we have here is the ever-repeating Catch-22 SNAFU. The situation is normal, all fucked up, because it’s normal for circular logic and self-conflicting rules within the civilian political bureaucracy to interfere with the efficient operation of the military. Irrespective of political party affiliation it’s a rarity for any politician to have our nation’s defense as a priority when it comes time for the US Military appropriations budget.

Additionally, reductions in force and realignment of assets is also normal as the priorities and threats shift. As the Obama Regime has: no interest in returning to Iraq; has abandoned Afghanistan; and has no intention of projecting military force to protect or expand American interests abroad, this had to be expected.

It’s really pointless, given the nature of the problem, to argue against these defense cuts on the basis of national security. It, however, is wise to argue against them on the grounds of economics and the horrendous impact they will have upon employment. Financially the proposed cuts by the Obama Regime are historic.  The 2011 defense budget represented 4.7% of America’s GDP; this year’s total will be 2.7%.  In other words US defense spending is set to plummet from $705.6 billion in 2011 to $496 billion, a 30% drop.

So there will be approximately $209 billion less spent upon the military which will in turn mean that defense contractors will be able to earn that much less. This will necessarily cost thousands upon thousands of jobs across the country.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Have a happy Thanksgiving. While you’re in your comfortable home, or in someone else’s, enjoying your feast give a thought towards all those in uniform who won’t be home for the holiday and for their families who will have an empty place at the table.

Soldiers at Thanksgiving dinner
So That We Can Have A Happy Thanksgiving

Those men and women and their sense of duty and willingness to sacrifice are what allows the rest of us to have families, homes, food, and holidays to celebrate. These are all privileges that they earned for the rest of us. Some small, quiet bit of gratitude for that during Thanksgiving is more than in order.

I might also suggest, depending upon your ancestral culture and religious sensibilities, that you set an extra place at the table for shades of those soldiers who will never come home for any holiday ever again.

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