BenchedPoor or Mis-performing Sorts End Up Benched

The celebrities of both Hollywood and the NFL thought that their opinions mattered, that those opinions trumped their performance of their jobs in what are service industries. They spoke their narrative, which they proclaim as Truth, to Power and Power – real power, the power of the People and the People’s purse – responded.

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The 2017 Oscars

2017 Oscars
The 2017 Oscars

And that, my fellow Americans, sums up last night’s celebrity masturbatory celebration of narcissism and delusions of worth.

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Start Packing!

Start Packing Your Fucking Bags!Start Packing!

Yes! Why don’t these anti-American filth start packing their fucking bags and emigrating out of America? The Gods know that they hate the nation, its culture, and the majority of its citizens.

The answer is really quite simple. They like America’s money; they like America’s attention; and they like America’s overwhelming tolerance. None of these things can they maintain or get the equivalent of if they were to leave the country.

But, of course none of these parasites ever really intended to unlatch from their host, America. They’re threat to do so if Trump was elected was just another example of their delusions of self-worth and value. It was just the narcissistic threats of idiots who truly believe that Americans care whether or not they leave the country, as if their presence or the lack thereof would actually matter.


No. If Americans want to hold these people to their word, we’re going to have to force them to start packing. Fortunately for us, as these are Hollywood types we already have the blueprint for doing so. All it would take would take is to restart the House Un-American Activities Committee either as a formal, chartered entity or as a program within the House Judiciary Committee.

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