The Truth Second

When dealing with activists of any stripe, be it racial, gender, sexuality, or a pet cause, be aware of one simple thing – They will almost invariably speak their subcultural allegiance first and the truth second if at all. This is a negative trait that is self-reinforcing because all of these causes preach a form of orthodoxy that requires such relegation of the truth to, at most, secondary standing as a metric of “authenticity” on the activists’ parts.

What this means for us is that, due to the activists’ mental and ethical deformity and the constant reinforcement of that deformity, they can rarely, if ever at all, be reasoned with. In some extreme cases, elder Black and Feminist demagogues being the most common example, you can’t even placate them because the war they have created in their minds is an end in itself and they couldn’t – not wouldn’t – recognize victory even if they achieved it.

Remember, since the truth is less than important to them than solidarity and orthodoxy in their cause, these activists and their core followers cannot be reasoned with. As such, there is no point or purpose in engaging with them. It is better and saner to either ignore them or silence them through denying them a venue and audience, through ridicule, or through applied targeted force in the most extreme cases.

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