Know The Signs!

Trump Derangement Syndrome – Know The Signs

Whether you still call it by it’s original name, Trump Unacceptance & Resistance Disorder (TURD), Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), or the actual psychological term, Trump Anxiety Disorder (TAD), know the signs of its pathology so that you can protect yourselves, your families, and your nation from those that suffer from its debilitating effects and who present a clear and present danger to themselves and American society.

And it will now get worse as we enter 2019, with the 2020 elections looming on the horizon. Hence, we will be in even greater from these deranged sorts. Be ready to both protect yourselves and your families and to take action to get the sufferers of this madness out of the public and into facilities that properly treat them.

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Symptomatic Of A Destructive Pathology
Symptomatic Of A Destructive Pathology

Yes, this is someone who has totally decompensated and is openly presenting symptoms indicative of a severe mental disorder.

For their own health and the health of society, we need to institutionalize these sorts so that they can properly treated through pharmaceuticals, ECT, and psychotherapy.

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Democracy Under Threat

Democracy Under Threat
Democracy Under Threat

Is Democracy under threat? Yes, I’d say that we Americans’ democracy is currently under existential threat, but it’s not from President Trump, the GOP, or we Deplorables, the so-called dregs of society. No, the true and heinous threat to American’s democracy comes from Democrat politicians and their reliance upon Leftwing and Minority mobs and the Deep State to enact their will and vision upon the American people.

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