And The Clinton Goes To…

Clinton Award
And The Clinton Goes To…

With all the allegations of rape, sexual assault, and sexual harassment – ranging from essentially proven to fantastic – they just might want to consider offering a sarcastic award for it. Then again, given the natures and proclivities of those groups that seem to be the epicenters of these behaviors, there might not be any sarcasm involved.

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We’re With Her

We're With Her
We’re With Her

Honestly, I’d probably let it go but old Hillary keeps setting her raggedy self up in any glass house that she can find and throwing stones at President Trump and the American people. The hypocrisy of Hillary, or any Democrat really, making accusations against President Trump or making claims about “rape culture” is too great to be ignored or excused.

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Consensual Relations

Consensual Relations Can Still Be BadConsensual Relations

OK, so I’m not compassionate. I and everyone who knows me knows that. But really! While certain sorts rant and rail about the lasting damages caused by Weinstein’s titularly non-consensual sexual predations, it’s his consensual relations that have caused the most and most lasting damage over the many years. 😉

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