The Mueller Process

The Mueller Process
The Mueller Process

The Democrats’ Witch-Hunter General, Robert Mueller is fairly good at getting his victims to confess and make plea deals. Then, his process and methods have the weight of history behind them. 😉

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Mueller’s Witches

Mueller's Witches - Cohen and Manafort
Mueller’s Witches – Cohen & Manafort

Yes, Mueller’s ever ongoing witch hunt against President Trump, his family, and any and all associated with Americans’ president has managed to find a couple of “witches,” Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort. Of course, like so many other witch hunts throughout history, Cohen and Manafort are only witches because the crowd, in this case the Lamestream Media, claims that they are such.

There is still no evidence, or even any real suggestion, that there was any “collusion” between Trump and “The Russians” to affect the outcome of the 2016 elections. None! Nor will there ever be any real evidence of that because this witch hunt is born of hatred for the President, delusions of his vanquished opponent, and certain sort’s strongly held belief that Trump was not supposed to win.

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The Mueller Witch Project

Mueller Witch Project
The Mueller Witch Project

In May of 2007, Obama’s FBI and DOJ disappeared into the woods near 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue while “investigating” the Trump campaign collusion with the Russians, shot themselves in their feet, and their integrity and public confidence were never hears from again. Over a year later the “investigation” continues.

And yes, it is filmed in “shaky cam.” 😆

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