Bern Or Bust?

With Bernie Sanders having not only lost the primary but having had little choice but to publicly endorse Hillary Clinton, it’s time to close the book on the Left’s favorite Socialist.

Bern Or Bust? The Answer Is Bust

And, since we’re closing the book on Bernie, I’m closing the folder of Bernie images as well. It’s rather apropos that all that remains of Sanders is a bunch of leftover images and memes that amount to nothing, just as Bernie Sanders at the end of his run amounted to nothing.

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Please Tell Me Why

Tell Me Why
Please Tell Me Why

I’m kidding of course. We all know exactly why the Lamestream media hounds Invanka Trump about her father’s supposed views on women while never asking Chelsea about her serial rapist father and his accomplice, her mother. It is simply that the Lamestream media is nothing but a leftwing propaganda outlet in servitude to the Democrat party.

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Hysterical Paralysis

Liberal BSOD resulting in hysterical paralysis
Liberal Hysterical Paralysis

ROFLMAO – Yep! If a gorilla shot an alligator with an AR-15 to save a Muslim child while their transgender parent was in the bathroom it would “break the internet.” Not, mind you, because of the amount and intensity of the traffic, which is what is normally meant by that meme but due to utter, shocked, and panicked silence that would ensue as the Liberal and Progressive SJWs went into hysterical paralysis due to their not knowing who or what to side with.

The intersectional conflict that this would generate within the so-called minds of these ever-puling domestic enemies of America would almost instantly reach critical mass as they strove and failed to reach a consensus fantasy of the “proper” hierarchy of “oppression,” privilege, and protection.

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