Hit The Road, Barack!

America needs a new President
Hit The Road, Barack!

Too little, far too late and pointless beyond symbolism but, given that Obama and the Liberals’ and Progressives’ chosen replacement for him, Hillary are also largely pointless beyond symbolism, a very well-done cover from Newsweek.

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The Greatness Of America

Fleeing to Canada? We Can Sell Your HomeMoving to Canada? We Can Sell Your Home

A fundamental part of the greatness of America is our entrepreneurial spirit and a fundamental part of the efficacy of Americans’ entrepreneurial spirit is our culture’s love of- and respect for finding a perceived need and fulfilling for a profit.

Even the rising tide of certain sorts declaring that they’re going to flee to Canada is to the mind and eyes of the American an opportunity to be exploited and a need to be fulfilled. 😉

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Laws, The Movie

Laws, The Movie

Yeah, that’s actually pretty funny…until you take a moment and think about it. Then, it’s far more horrific than the original 1975 film.

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