Suicide In America

Suicide Of The WestSuicide In America

Suicide in America and by America is on the rise and it’s being assisted by Islam and using Liberals and Progressives as weapon. And yes, it will be our domestic enemies, the Liberals and Progressives who are our proximate cause of death. Islam and various other enemy groups will just fight over our nation’s carcass.

Face facts; how can it be viewed any other way after a crazed Muslim terrorist – one who had been previous investigated as a terrorist twice by Obama’s FBI – decided to adhere to the Qur’an and launch a terrorist attack upon a gay bar in Orlando, FL, butchering dozens and wounding dozens more and the Left blamed:

  • Firearms
  • Christianity
  • Generalized and Unspecific Homophobia

They won’t even mention Islam or Muslims except to: say that it’s they’re no way to blame for terrorism; must be protected, no matter what, from anything and everything; and that Muslims are horribly oppressed by the American people.

This is to be expected. Liberals and Progressives are dealing with the intersectionality of otherness. Since both Muslims and Queers are considered sufficiently other to gain the Left’s loyalty and special protections, they were suddenly placed in the awkward and conflicted position of having to on the fly determine a hierarchy of otherness and privilege.

Rather than do that they chose to cast blame on anything and everything that is generally considered normal and normative by Americans and tried their best to convince themselves that there is equivalency between not wanting to bake a cake for a queer wedding and gunning down a club full of queers.

Of course, one could pick any one of many, many other incidents involving interactions between the Liberals’ and Progressives’ individuals or groups possessing specially protected traits and find similar responses, especially when two or more such groups are in conflict.

Hence, America’s suicide will be by Liberalism; it’s the gun our nation has placed in its mouth. Islam is merely the current finger cocking the hammer.

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Ride’s Over, Bois

Ride's Over, Bois. Go back to your dollies
Get Off! The Ride’s Over, Bois

You almost have to feel sorry for the #BernOuts and #Sandernistas. That magical unicorn ride that their mommies and daddies payed for – yeah, paid for; there’s no such thing as a free ride – is over. Hillary Clinton has the Democrats’ nomination for POTUS and Bernie Sanders is over and done with, another failed Also Ran soon to be lost to dust of time.

I guess the poor, little snowflakes forgot two fact of life: Socialism only gains control of a nation through direct, violent force of arms; and their sorts are so very, very afraid of guns, whereas the American people aren’t.

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My Life

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Just Because

Just posting this to piss off the ignorant haters

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Hello, America!

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