A Grave Threat

Posted in 2014 Election, Politics on September 14th, 2014

Despite the pressures of vacations, golfing, and attending fundraisers – the things that Obama should be kept at – the boy does find or make the time to address or, at least, speak about the grave threats that exist out there in the world.

A Grave Threat...to Obama and the Democrats
Obama Wants To Address A Grave Threat

Of course, to Obama the grave threats are those which are threats to his ego and his legacy, which is indeed in grave peril when even Michael Moore has declared that the boy will only be remembered for being the First Black POTUS.

When the history is written of this era, this is how you’ll be remembered: He was the first black president. OK, not a bad accomplishment, but that’s it. That’s it, Mr. Obama. 100 years from now: ‘He was the first black American that got elected president.’ And that’s it. Eight years of your life and that’s what people are going to remember. Boy, I got a feeling, knowing you, that — you’d probably wish you were remembered for a few other things, a few other things you could’ve done. So, it is, on that level, a big disappointment.

– Michael Moore

The Obama’s handlers and overseers, of course, see this as a threat to the birth of the nation that they want to replace America with. Their token’s plummeting popularity bodes ill for their hopes and dreams.

The Congressional Democrats know and understand this threat as well. Their livelihoods are on the line with the 2014 midterm elections being right around the corner and their having, by and large, having sided and voted in lockstep with Obama. Hence, we can expect a lot of defections among their ranks and equally many claims that they’re now against Obama’s destructive policies and/or the boy’s at least equally destructive lack of policies.

Democrats Run Against Obama's Policies
Many Democrats See This Threat As Well

Our job as Americans is to not allow these Democrats to distance themselves from Obama and evade the just consequences of their allegiances and actions. In this case, they should not be allowed to choose between hanging separately or together; we need to make sure that each and everyone one them hang.

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Television vs. Reality

Posted in Humor, Politics on September 13th, 2014

Mayberry vs. Dingleberry
Television vs. Reality aka Mayberry vs. Dingleberry

The truly sad part is that the dingleberry which is leaving skid marks all over the White House and America at large wouldn’t even be funny on a television show.

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Redress of Grievances

Posted in Politics on September 12th, 2014

In keeping with a specific right that is enumerated in the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution, let us join together and petition the government for a redress of grievances most pernicious and vile.

Keep Obama on the golf course

In order to protect America’s national security, foreign policy interests, economy, and the basic civil liberties of the American people we, the People petition the Executive to do everything in its power to keep Obama on vacation and away from the halls of power.

Please ensure that Obama finishes his term as POTUS in a state of semi-retirement so as to minimize his negative effects upon both America’s national security and domestic tranquility

Please sign this White House Petition and share it with your fellow Americans. Let us send a message to the Obama Regime and its subjects.

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