Miley Just Doesn’t Know

Miley Cyrus doesn't know where Trump gets his ideas about how to treat womenMiley Just Doesn’t Know

Irony? Rank hypocrisy? A total lack of self-awareness? When it comes to a celebrity like Miley Cyrus – a celebrity “celebrated” far more for being a teen slut than anything else – says, it really doesn’t matter that much. Still, since so many of America’s domestic enemies will validate her comments, it’s worthy of mention and ridicule.

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The Race Is Heating Up

The race for the White House is heating up and not in a good way. The filthy animals who support Hillary Clinton just firebombed the North Carolina Republican Party headquarters in Hillsborough, NC.

Firebombing of GP HQ in NC
Dems’ Firebombing Of NC GOP HQ

Hillsborough, NC police reported individuals threw a bottle of flammable liquid through the window of Orange County’s GOP headquarters, setting campaign signs, supplies, and furniture ablaze before finally burning itself out after rendering the building unusable.

Get out or burn to death!Democrat Terror Threat

The terrorists also spray painted a swastika and the threat, “Nazi Republicans get out of town or else” on the side of an adjacent building, turning a heinous but simple act of petulance and vandalism into a credible threat of terrorist attacks against Republicans and presumed Republicans aka Whites in the area.

Unsurprisingly, there has been no comment on the attack by Obama or anyone else in the White House and, while the ATF is working with local police to investigate it, there is no indication that the Obama Regime will class it as a terrorist act.

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Nicki’s Offending People

Nicki's Offending People ... Again
Nicki’s Offending People … Again

Singer / Rapper Nicki Minaj – whom my anaconda would most definitely like – is offending people again. This time it’s some of the shots from her upcoming November spread in Marie Claire magazine.

From the teaser excerpts of her interview, I’d say that this time it won’t be anything that she said that offends the “Black Community,” SJWs, and a broad swath of the “Intersectional Feminists.” Ms. Minaj seems to have largely said all the right things and only made statements that might offend people lacking in protected traits. No, it’s going to be the photos of her naked or near-naked with a White Man that’s going to offend the ever-delicate sensibilities of many.

One apparently has to remember that the “Black Community,” SJWs, and “Intersectional Feminists” have their own Jim Crow laws and their own definition of miscegenation. While they approve of Black males with White women, they are dead-set against White men with Black women. Hence, they’re going to be offended by Nicki Minaj’s Marie Claire photos.

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