Summing Up Racism

Posted in Society on December 11th, 2014

White people are White
Summing Up Racism In America

Yep! That pretty much sums up racism in America – at least in the context of racism perpetrated by Whites. Not much else to say about it – though the grifters, grievance-mongers, and race-baiters will jabber on at great length about it and any other persecution fantasies that they might use to either give themselves the delusion or relevance, line their pockets, or just plain get off.

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Burn This Bitch Down

Posted in Politics, Society on December 7th, 2014

There’s little to say in favor of Louis Head, Michael Brown’s “stepfather” who helped incite the riots, looting, and burning of Ferguson, MO in the wake of Officer Darren Wilson not be indicted by the grand jury. There’s little to say in the buck’s favor but not nothing. His screaming, “Burn this bitch down!” may well be an important teaching moment.

Obama:  Burn This Bitch Down!
Obama to America: Burn This Bitch Down!

Louis Head’s screaming of, “Burn this bitch down!” may explain the entirety of the Obama presidency better than anything else has ever explained it.

Head didn’t get the result that he wanted and his response, typical of a Black who’d been balked by America, was to get angry.  Obama as well didn’t get the result that he wanted and his response, typical of a Black who’d been balked by America, was to get angry.  They may be at opposite ends of the spectrum of violence and immediacy of reaction but the underlying feelings and responses to stimuli are the same.

Seen in the light of the “teaching moment” that Louis Head provided America, Obama’s foreign, economic, and domestic policy decisions and positions make sense now, where once they didn’t.

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Le Morte d’Amérique

Posted in Politics on December 4th, 2014

It’s taken 50 years of ongoing decline, but the long, slow death of America has stumbled and trudged apace.

From Camelot to Scamalot - Kennedy to Obama, the death of AmericaFrom Camelot To Scamalot

Not only has Camelot fallen, it has no been openly mocked and lampooned in the installation of Obama as POTUS. Truly, we have gone from Kennedy’s Camelot to Obama’s Scamalot. Even the men of Monty Python fame couldn’t more turn a legend on its ear.

Le Morte d’Amérique indeed! But there will be no grand and high prose such as Sir Thomas Malory penned. This lament will be written in banal soundbites by the MSM.

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