Future Planning

Posted in Politics on April 7th, 2014

The future will always become the present with the march of time. One must understand one’s hopes and plan ways to realize them. Or one must surrender those hopes and so very much more.

Hope, But Plan As Well
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In the admittedly unlikely – but far from impossible – event of UN troops being sent to America to disarm and quell the People, it’d be a hard choice between any of the Kalashnikov variants and those of the M-16. I suppose it would come down to which foreign nation’s troops were being deployed in your area.

The Gods have mercy on your souls, however, if it’s African troops in your area. History, especially WW1, has taught us the horrid lesson of what happens when Africans occupy White nations. For that reason alone I would slightly prefer the Kalashnikov…because no African under arms could sanely and morally be allowed to live.

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Remedial ESL

Posted in Humor, Politics, Society on April 7th, 2014

Immigration Truth
Remedial ESL For Illegals & Their Accomplices

Yeah, this is probably useless. The majority of the illegal aliens can barely read their own language, much less English and, even among the minority which can, they’d reject the message and logic because they just don’t care. They somehow feel entitled to sneak into America for their own, often far less than legal or savory, purposes.

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Obama’s Agribusiness

Posted in Humor, Politics on April 6th, 2014

Obama ManureObama is many things. In point of fact, his image has been carefully crafted by his handlers and overseers to be, as close as is possible, to being all things to all people. At the core of it, however, what the boy is is the CEO of a successful agribusiness.

Oh, nothing so honest, productive, and American as a farmer. Obama neither sows nor reaps; he just sells the what that others used to farm with.

One must give Obama and his handlers and overseers credit though. They recognized a need, real or manufactured, for bullshit and capitalized heavily and successfully on fulfilling that need. Given that Obama seems to have an endless and sustainable source of bullshit, this is good business.

The Kindergatner-in-Chief on his shit pile
The Kindergartner-in-Chief Talking Shit Like Always

Obama’s only real business problems are the same ones that so many other businessmen make. He’s never thinks past the next election, much like too many businesses never think past the next quarter; and he’s forgotten the basic economic rule of supply and demand and has saturated his market-space.

So now the boy is left standing upon a stinking shitpile of his own making. He’s left with nothing to do but fling his shit at other people in the hopes to mask his own stench.

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