The Shameless Survivor

Obama - The Shameless Survivor
Obama – The Shameless Survivor

I was just going to allow Obama to shuffle off into the sunset, as most ex-POTUS’s are both allowed to- and encouraged to fade into obscurity. I can’t quite do that yet though. One last thing needs to be brought up about Obama and his “legacy.” That is the fact the he could almost be considered the sole survivor of the Democrat party and he seem utterly unconcerned by that fact or the fact that he is a large part of why the Democrats are effectively an endangered species in elected office today.

Politically speaking, the legacy of Obama is that, largely as a reaction to Obama and the Dems’ slavish devotion to him, the Democrat party has lost between 1,100 and 1,200 seats in local, county, state, and federal governments. It can at this point be argued that they’re done, over, kaput.

But hey! Obama got elected and got reelected. He wasn’t a One-Term failure and that’s all that matters, right?

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Ain’t Jemima

Whole Cloth BullAin’t Jemima – New, Improved, Transracial

Somehow I’m doubting that this is one of Amandla Stenberg’s favorite breakfasts. Then again, I could be wrong. Stenberg may like “cultural appropriation” when the person doing it is working to secure special privileges and protections for the Blacks.

Still, I don’t Ain’t Jemima would sell well in the Hood. Given their bucks’ proclivities, it do better if they kept Dolezol’s blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale white skin. Then they’d be more than happy to serve it up with sausage and scramble some eggs. 😉

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It Sure Wasn’t Love

Vomiting Hearts
Spit or Swallow … Or Puke – It Sure Wasn’t Love

It’s “The Morning After.” In this case it’s the morning after Valentine’s Day, which means many, many people will be experiencing certain forms of emotional hangover, instead of- or in addition to their physical ones.

Of course, on a morning when society pedantically instructs us that on this one “special” day staggering though one’s “Walk of Shame” is less shameful and less degrading than not being in a position to do so, this must be fully expected.

I’m sure many women – and not a few men – are busy vomiting the bad taste left from this celebration of “romance” out of their mouths. 😉

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Go Ahead, Be Nasty

The American people are fairly judgmental and, with a few horrid exceptions, fairly discerning as well. We’ve little, if anything, good to say about those individuals or groups who fail to live up to the baseline standards of our nation and our culture. Shunning and shaming those who don’t meet the expectations of our cultural norms and mores has been a part of American society since before we were a nation.

So, when you see someone like this, go ahead, be nasty.

Go Ahead, Be Nasty

Of course, in these latter, degenerate times, don’t say a word if you see someone like this. That’d be politically incorrect and “horribly racist.”

Ghetto "Mother"
Don’t Say A Word, Racist

Yes, the Black bitch is as bad, if not significantly worse, than the White Trash bitch. Yes, too say anything about her would only be applying the same standard as one applied to the White depicted above. None of that matters. Since she’s a Black it’s politically incorrect and “racist” to speak ill of her in any fashion.

And this is one of the greatest of America’s more recent failings. Now, to avoid being labelled as racists – and to avoid widespread violent and disruptive “protests” by the Blacks and their oikophobic Liberal and Progressive enablers and panderers – we are forced to apply different, race-based standards to people’s behavior.

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The Shameless Michelle

[SinglePic not found]Michelle Obama has always had “issues” with pride and shame. She apparently spent her whole adult life before the 2008 elections being ashamed of America – or maybe it was just “Black America” since she’s always had a streak of racism and racial angst running through her and she did say “her country.” So maybe it was “Black America” she thought was making a comeback. I really couldn’t say.

Be that as it may, it’s nice to see that the FLOTUS is over her issues and that being the First Lady has improved her outlook.

And isn’t it special that she wants to share her new-found pride with we, the People?

Dear American Taxpayer:

For the second time in my adult life, I am not ashamed of my country. I want to thank the hard working American people for paying $242 thousand dollars for my vacation in Spain. My daughter Sasha, several long-time family friends, my personal staff and various guests had a wonderful time.

Honestly, you just havent lived until you have stayed in a $2,500.00 per night private 3-story villa at a 5-Star luxury hotel.

Thank you for the use of Air Force Two and the 70 Secret Service agents who tagged along to assure we were safe and cared for at all times. By the way, if you happen to be visiting the Costa del Sol, I highly recommend the Buena Ventura Plaza restaurant in Marbella; great lobster with rice and oysters! Im ashamed to admit the lobsters we ate in Marthas Vineyard were not quite as tasty, but what can you do if youre not in Europe, you have to just grin and bear it.

Air Force Two (which costs $11,351 per hour to operate, according to Government Accounting Office reports) only used 47,500 gallons of jet fuel for this trip, and carbon emissions were a mere 1,031 tons of C02.

These are only rough estimates, but they are close. Thats quite a carbon footprint, as my good friend Al Gore would say. So we must ask the American citizens to drive smaller, more fuel efficient cars. And drive less too, so we can lessen our combined carbon footprint.

I know times are hard, and millions of you are struggling to put food on the table, and trying to make ends meet. So I do appreciate your sacrifices, and do hope you find work soon.

I was really exhausted after Barack took our family on a luxury vacation in Maine a few weeks ago. I just had to get away for a few days.


Michelle Obama

P.S. Thank you as well for the $2 Billion dollar trip to India.

P.P.S. Thank you too, for that vacation trip to Marthas Vineyard; it was fabulous. And for the second smaller jet that took our dog Bo to Marthas Vineyard, so we and the children could have him with us while we were away from the White House for eleven days. After all, we couldnt take him on Air Force One, because he might pee on some wires or something.

P.P.P.S. Oh, I almost forgot to say thanks also for our two-week trip to Hawaii at Christmas. That 7,000 square foot house was great! That only cost you guys $4 million. The Mr. wanted to do Camp David! Boring!!!!!!

P.P.P.P.S. Dont forget my ski trip to Vail this winter, and now the girls and I are in Africa with my mom. All this while Barack golfs and campaigns to keep my trips coming for the next 4 years! Love ya! Remember, we all have to share the pain of these economic times equally! Love to redistribute share the wealth.

Yes, the above-quoted email that I received is cruel, sarcastic humor. It is nothing but a snide attack upon Michelle Obama’s lifestyle since being installed in the White House contrasted against her public policy attempts and her husband’s campaign of class warfare. Yet, despite that or because of it, no actual facts presented in it are untrue or far wrong.

The glaring and gross hypocrisy of Michelle Obama wallowing in a taxpayer-funded lifestyle normally enjoyed on by the upper end of the global 1% while exhorting the people paying for her amusements to tighten their belts and exercise discipline in spending, diet, and other personal choices is well worthy of scorn, sarcasm, and snide attacks.

When you add in her husband’s constant pandering to populist classism and his vilifying of the successful in America, her profligate ways reach the point of ludicrousness.

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