Ain’t Jemima

Whole Cloth BullAin’t Jemima – New, Improved, Transracial

Somehow I’m doubting that this is one of Amandla Stenberg’s favorite breakfasts. Then again, I could be wrong. Stenberg may like “cultural appropriation” when the person doing it is working to secure special privileges and protections for the Blacks.

Still, I don’t Ain’t Jemima would sell well in the Hood. Given their bucks’ proclivities, it do better if they kept Dolezol’s blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale white skin. Then they’d be more than happy to serve it up with sausage and scramble some eggs. 😉

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3 Responses to “Ain’t Jemima”

  1. Gumlegs Says:

    Thanks for picking up my Ain’t Jemima piece!

  2. jonolan Says:

    No problem. The image came unattributed across my FB feed and I ran with it.

  3. Gumlegs Says:

    That’s great. I’m happy to supply more.

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