The Left On Tibbetts

The Left On Tibbetts
The Left On Tibbetts

With the senseless murder of Mollie Tibbetts, Americans reel and lament yet another beautiful, young, White woman with a good hope for a bright future being slaughtered by yet another murderous invader of our country, the Left and their Democrat politicians choose as always to side with the illegal immigrant and choose to continue their cries to further open our nation’s borders to more things like Cristhian Bahena Rivera.

But then, what can we expect other than this from our domestic enemies? The Left and their Democrat politicians have no respect or love for any law or any law enforcement agency that they cannot suborn, corrupt, and use to disadvantage Whites in America. That White women are being assaulted, raped, and/or brutally murdered by illegal immigrants – or any non-White -  is fine by them since Whites are not to be protected from non-Whites because doing so would be “racist.”

Oh, and before any White-hating Liberal, Progressive, or non-White drags up some “Fact Checker” site that “debunks” the meme that the Left is using GoFundMe to donate money to Rivera, I’m not saying that they are… yet. But somebody is paying for Rivera’s attorney, Allan Richards, since he’s in private practice and not a public defender.

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Iowa Afterwards

Iowa LeftoversIowa Afterwards

Just a little reminder, now that the Iowa Primaries have come and gone, that at the end of the day all that’s left from politicians’ – Republican or Democrat – rhetoric or jabbering is the trash they and the supporters or followers have left behind for someone else to clean up.

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There’ll Be No Riots

I just want to put your minds at rest. Despite a Des Moines, IA police officer shooting and killing an unarmed man and the grand jury chose not to indict her, there will be no riots, no looting, and no protests to disrupt the day to day operations of any people.

You see, the man killed by Officer Vanessa Miller was White and only #BlackLivesMatter enough- and to the particular sorts who will riot, loot, and disruptively protest.

Ryan Bolinger was shot dead by a Des Moines' LEO for "walking with intent"
Ryan Bolinger – Shot Dead By LEO For “Walking With Intent”

On the evening of Tuesday, June 09, 2015 Officer Miller chased 28 year-old Ryan Bolinger – presumably in her vehicle – after he got out of his car earlier and began dancing in the street.

After Bolinger stopped, Officer Miller claims he got out of his car and was walking “with a purpose” toward her car and she concluded that she was being threatened. So she fired her weapon through the window of her car and killed him.

The grand jury found that shooting through one’s own window and killing an unarmed man who’s crime was dancing in the street and “with a purpose” toward the police officer was objectively reasonable in light of the facts and circumstances confronting her.

But again – nobody need fear any mass violence or disruption of daily lives due to Officer Vanessa Miller killing Ryan Bolinger. Officer Miller is a female, a protected class – so protected that I can’t even find a picture of her, and Ryan Bolinger was a White man, a specifically unprotected class.

Face it, were safe. The Blacks – the only ones who will riot and loot in “protest” of such things – at best, don’t care about a cop killing a White and, more commonly, are happy with it since it’s a dead White. And the Liberals and Progressives – ever so fond of disruptive protests – are inundated and complicit with the Feminists, who fully believe that a man approaching a woman, armed or not, is inherently an existential threat to that woman.

Similarly and for the same reasons, there’s no credible threat of Obama having the social justice warriors within his DOJ launching an investigation or claiming that the Des Moines police department violated Bolinger’s civil rights by killing him.

So carry without worry. There’ll be no riots, no looting, no disruptive protests, no jabbering from Obama, and not even much in the way of media coverage.

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Leftist Violence In Iowa

Paul RyanGOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan gave his first 2012 campaign speech at the Iowa State Fair on Monday, August 13, 2012, addressing several thousand appreciative Americans…and several Liberals who turned violent.

It’s sad that the fair’s longstanding tradition of “the soapbox” was marred by Leftist violence but not shocking in the slightest.

Despite the Lamestream Media’s incessant lies about Americans being “extremists” and violent, it has always to date been the Liberals and Progressives who’ve chosen lawlessness to reach their ends.

According to reports from the scene, several protesters tried to force their way onto the stage from which Rep. Ryan was speaking. They struggled with police and had to be physically removed from the stage. Other reports indicated that one female Ryan supporter was punched in the face by a protester, and State Senator Joni Ernst, R-Red Oak, was pushed to the ground.

Other reports from local sources indicate that the Liberal thugs not only assaulted Iowa State Senator Joni Ernst, they also assaulted her her husband and 12-year-old daughter.

Rep. Ryan, exhibiting his trademark aplomb, good character, and high-mindedness, was not silenced by the attacks, nor did he allow these thugs to visibly anger him.

It’s funny because Iowans and Wisconsinites, we like to be respectful of one another and peaceful with one another and listen to each other. These ladies must not be from Iowa.

— Paul Ryan

Much to Iowa’s shame, Rep. Ryan was wrong about these vermin. All of the violent protesters were reported to be from the Action Fund of the Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, a Left-wing activist organization who regularly employs operatives to violently disrupt political events in the hopes of silencing their American enemies.

Paul Ryan seems to be a good man and a good Christian, preferring to listen to his better angels and to turn the other cheek when attacked by our shared enemies.  I, however, follow a different and less forgiving path as do many others in our country. To that end, below are the contact details for these filth’s headwaters in case anyone wants to email, call, or mail them something to show America’s intolerance for their agenda and methods.

Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement
2001 Forest Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa 50311
T: (515) 282-0484

Their core personnel can be found here in case any American wants to take the time to find them and show them the error of their ways in a more personal fashion. 😉

What each of us choose to do to these vermin, if anything, is a matter of personal choice. Be aware though that Leftist violence will only escalate in the coming weeks and month if no strong action is taken to quell them and to apply a chilling effect on their willingness to act.

They certainly need to be taught that reciprocity is a two-way street.

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