Budgetary Bullshit

In the wake of Mitt Romney’s choosing a Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) as his Vice Presidential candidate and running mate the Liberals and Progressives have rekindled their rantings about Rep. Ryan’s federal budget proposal, commonly called, the Ryan budget, Ryan plan, Ryan proposal, etc.

This budgetary bullshit that the Leftists are engaging in is absolutely pathetic. It’d be laughable if they and their boy, Obama weren’t such clear and present dangers to America.

Budget Comparison

Paul Ryan




What America’s domestic enemies don’t want to mention and certainly don’t want to accept is that, of the two individuals, only Rep. Ryan has crafted a proposed federal budget plan of any worth at all. Obama has, as he has done in all matters of substance, failed utterly in this part of his Presidential duties.

Rep. Ryan’s budget gained 218 votes in the House, passing 218-191, and 41 votes in the Senate, failing 41-58.

Obama budgets have twice failed to garner a single vote in either the House or Senate and it has reached the point where Sen. Harry Reid refuses to even bring Obama’s latest attempt up for a vote.

So, if and when you strip away all the Leftists’ bullshit, Ryan has submitted a valid budget proposal whereas Obama has consistently failed to do so, drafting instead plans so heinous and stupid that not even one single Democrat – not even the jabbering, blacktivist fools in the Congressional Black Caucus – would vote for it.

Tell the filth that we, as Americans, are duty-bound to fight by any and all means to stick that in their craws and choke on it.

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