Those Are The Droids

Without any hint of a whisper of a shadow of a doubt, these are the droids I’m looking for.

Hot Droids - No Jedi mind trick could convince they weren't the ones I was looking for
Those Are The Droids I’m Looking For!

No Jedi mind trick could ever convince me otherwise, though I could be distracted by other means. 😆

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She’s Decked Out!

I’ll bet you never knew that, along with being a top flight mathematician, Dr. Richard Garfield was a fashion designer as well. 😆

She's Totally Decked Out and That Dress Is Pure Magic
Her Dress Is Pure Magic, Perfect For The Gathering

And yes, I and almost every other old geek would “tap” that geek grrl given half the chance. 😛

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Good Spock Or Bad Spock?

As I’ve said before, fandom is not limited to guys. There are geek grrls as well and they’re just as likely to take their love of Sci-Fi to extremes as the guy geeks are. Of course the results are often more pleasing.

The original Star Trek series seems especially with the geek grrls of fandom and Leonard Nimoy’s Spock has always had a strong following among them.

Good Spock, Bad Spock
Live Long and Prosper!

The babe in this picture presents us with a choice. Who is better, the classic “good” Spock or the more saturnine “bad” Spock from Star Trek: The Original Series‘ episode #39 “Mirror Mirror“?

This being the Internet and a blog to boot, people must have an opinion on this – so what’s yours?

Who's Better, Good Spock or Bad Spock?

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This is really part of what’s good about science fiction; there’s a little something for everyone in it. 😉

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R2-D2In 1977 George Lucas introduced the world to the droid R2-D2, an “astromech droid” that was a major character in a six of the Star Wars films and which has become entrenched in Western popular culture.

Not bad at all for a character no no real dialog to speak of. That is a feat normally only achieved by action stars and hot babes willing to strip down for the camera.

Of course, fans being fans, they couldn’t leave well enough alone.

It was a foregone conclusion that they would come up – quite outside of canon – a product-improved model of this particular droid. Hence we now have the R2-DCUP.

R2-DCUP - She IS the droid you're looking for.
She Is The Droid You’re Looking For

The additional graphics were, however, aftermarket additions and are not available from the factory. 😉

It’s very likely, given the nature of the picture above, that there’s a very happy Star Wars fanboy out there somewhere. 😉 It’s also very likely that a much larger number of Star Wars geeks are “abusing” themselves over this picture. 😮

Note to fanboys – If it took you under 1 minute to “notice” that the 6 horizontal bars on the girl’s outfit are on the wrong side, you’re both wrong – mirror effect – and in need of serious help.

If it took you under 1 minute to “notice” that the 6 horizontal bars on the girl’s outfit are on the wrong side and to correct your thinking because you realized the mirror effect, you’re likely beyond help, will never move out of your parents’ house, and will never be in a position to directly appreciate a Geek Grrl like the one pictured above.

Seriously though, she’s quite hot but Star Wars fetish lingerie? R2-D2!?! That’s just a little messed up and I don’t even want to delve too deeply into the implications of choosing a character that couldn’t speak.

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2010 World Cup!

The 2010 World Cup has started in South Africa. This means that for approximately the next month football – called soccer in the US – fans will be fixated upon the international competition, which happens only every fourth year, even more than they are normally riveted to the league play that they normally follow.

Thus, even more than usual, the world will for the next month be filled with bored and more than a little annoyed football widows – and not a few soccer widowers like myself.

But, even if you’re like me and have little or no interest in the game, there are some parts of the global phenomenon that is the 2010 World Cup that worth following. 😉

Four Delicious Soccer WAGS

Soccer Babes From Sports Illustrated

That’s certainly worth following and I, for one, am certainly of fan of beautiful women wearing nothing but bodypaint, as previous posts prove. While I’m largely bored by futbol / football / soccer, I don’t think I could ever get bored with looking at beautiful women like: Abbey Clancy, Bethany Dempsey, Melissa Satta, and Sarah Brandner. I doubt that many men, even those like myself who are not fans of the sport, would do so.

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