She’s Upfront About It

So many models, and women in general, feel the need to augment their breasts with silicone implants. Some are more open and honest in their advertising and marketing than others. 😉

Hey! At Least She’s “Upfront About It.”

Yeah, it’s photoshopped; she doesn’t, insofar as I know, really have the generic chemical formula for silicone tattooed on her breasts. It’s still funny, and sort of oddly erotic, though.

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3 Responses to “She’s Upfront About It”

  1. milad Says:

    i love tattoo

  2. Paradigm Says:

    I don’t get this trend. I prefer them natural, proportioned and perky. And oversized lips is even worse. Even men do that now, hm…

  3. jonolan Says:

    Fair enough, Paradigm. Such things are personal preferences and ridiculous to the point of absurdity to argue.

    I prefer larger breasts but not to such a degree that it would qualify as a fetish or requirement.

    Really, it’s probably good that there’s such a range in preferences – gives more people a fair shot at getting laid. 😉

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