Not Much Has Changed

In 2008 Obama was seen as the harbinger of change. He ran as the Great Black Hope of the Left and their minority tenants. It’s now 2012 and Obama is continuing his campaign for the Presidency.

Oddly perhaps, not much has changed in the intervening four years…

Obama-Zombie Fangirls Circa 2008

Back in 2008, with the death of boy bands and Justin Bieber not being on the scene yet, Obama had a lot of rock star appeal to impressionable young, White girls inexperienced in both politics and their own sexuality.

Obama-Zombie Fangirls Circa 2012

Now in 2012, the hysteria has faded but the devotion has turned from that of groupies into that of worshipers drinking in their master’s “wisdom.”

Nope, not much has changed at all in the last four years. Obama is still reliant upon the pliable vacuity of his followers and still finding them in the same places and amongst the same demographics.

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