The Tao Of Pooh

The Tao Of Pooh - Pooh Knows What Makes The World Go 'round
The Tao Of Pooh

Pooh always possessed and presented a deep and profound wisdom when it came to the world. Sometimes this is more obvious than others. 😉

What Makes The World Go ‘Round

Yes, it’s quite true. Pooh knows the way of the world. One need only accept his kind wisdom in order to find a true path through life.

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Friends With Benefits


Friends With Benefits – A Valentine’s Alternative
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Friends, Reader, Countrymen – with Valentine’s Day around the corner, here’s a small bit of advice. Don’t let the perfect become the enemy of the good. A Valentine’s Day night with a Friend with Benefits is better than one spent alone or with some desperate, hookup partner. True, it’s not as good as having a “proper,” romantic partner on Valentine’s Day, but a Friend with Benefits is a relationship partner, therefor both good enough and far less stressful than the norm on this upcoming holiday.

Pedantic Note: The yellow roses with some red-blushed one amongst them are a “hat tip” to one variant of the Floriography of Victorian times in which yellow roses were for friendship and red ones for romantic interests. 😉

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The Curse Of Jazz

The Curse Of Jazz
The Curse Of Jazz

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Adulting Childhood

Adulting Childhood
Adulting Childhood

Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes has always been a source of rare and somewhat underrecognized wisdom. This quick cartoon is a perfect example of the subtle lessons Mr. Watterson taught. I would call it a lesson in Adulting Childhood or Childing Adulthood.

Perhaps we as a culture were and are too fond of and yet, at the same time, to ignorant of the meaning in 1 Corinthians 13:11. Perhaps we, to our harm, put away the childlike alongside the childish. We seem to listen to our minds while ignoring our hearts’ and souls’ exhortations to find and appreciate the wonders big and small that abound in Creation.

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Do Unto Others…

Do Unto Others... Unless You're Freaky
Do Unto Others… Unless You’re Freaky

The Golden Rule has been one of the cornerstones of Man’s many attempts at faith for literally thousands and thousands of the years. But, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is really only appropriate if you’re fairly normal for your culture. If you’re freaky – or in a foreign, alien land – not so much. 😉 Hell! Probably not at all in some your cases.

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