Son, She's A Keeper

Son, She’s A Keeper. Put A Ring On Her

One piece of advice I have for the young American men out there – If you can find a fine babe who can noodle a good-sized blue or flathead catfish, she’s a keeper. Put a ring on her quick as you can and get busy getting started on your family. Trust me, she’ll be the best thing you ever did. 😉

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Separate But Equal

Separate But Equal - Another Meaning
Separate But Equal – Another Meaning

Separate But Equal doesn’t always means what you think it means and it doesn’t always refer to previous attempts to protect the Races from each other and each other’s cultures. 😉

Yeah, though they seem utterly unrelated promises, there’s really no difference between a fishing man’s “One last cast,” and woman’s “I’ll be five minutes.” In either case, it means in all truth that you’re going to be there waiting for a fair bit of time. Five minutes, one last cast – same ol’, same ol’.

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Always Check Out Her Mom

Always Checkout Her Mom
Always Checkout Her Mom
When Dating, Always Check Out Her Mom

PRO TIP: Young men, take heed of the advice of an old man who’s been dating/married longer than you, and possibly your fathers, have been alive. When dating a girl – and I mean dating, not just hooking up – always check out her mom, because it’s very likely she’s going to turn into her. 😉

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Keeping Them Poor

Keeping Them Poor And Doesn’t Require Theft

Ah, the timeless wisdom of the Orient. True then and true today. 😆 And yeah, some of us know this truth, don’t we, Tyler?

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Sundarata Vidya Hai

Sundarata Vidya Hai
(Beauty Is True, Perfect Wisdom)

It’s Diwali! The holiday kind of snuck up on me this year. So, here’s my offering of “lights” to celebrate this festival and to remind myself and others that beauty is true, perfect wisdom.

May your life be as colorful, shimmering, and magical as the lights of Diwali. And may the light of beauty set afire the true, perfect wisdom in your heart and banish the darkness in your mind.

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