You’re Going To Die

This is a simple fact. You’re going to die. Something in this world is going to kill you, me, and everyone else currently alive. This is a fact, an incontrovertible fact, a cornerstone of our existence.

You’re Going To Die

It’s the response to this facet of reality by so damn many people in America that makes this video funny, ironic social commentary, and a useful example of why things like Obamacare were always doomed to fail.

Simply and inelegantly put, too many inside America’s borders are cowards who fear death far too much to even live. Indeed, they fear their own deaths – inevitabilities each and every one – so much that they won’t even let others live their lives.

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2016 Person Of The Year


2016’s Person Of The Year
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Yeah, with all the celebrities and other people who we, the masses care about or, at least, notice who’ve died over the course of 2016, this is definitely the #YearOfTheReaper.

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To Sadly Go Perhaps

Kirk sits alone
To Sadly Go Perhaps

Dee died in 1999. Jimmy passed over in 2005. Now Leonard has gone on to the next thing. Bill’s still going though, closer and closer to doing it alone and I have to wonder how he feels about that.

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