Occupational Therapy?

OWS doesn't know what they want but they're sure the success and productive have itAccording to a recently published study by The Frontier Lab the odd, filthy, and criminal behaviors of the slacker of the OWS “movement” can be better explained as “occupational therapy” than as politically motivated protests.  According to this study, for the foot soldiers of OWS it’s about community, belonging, identity, and control.

This explains a great deal of their behavior and also explains the diffuse and disjointed nature of their surface motivation. It especially explains their pathological need to “Occupy” as opposed to engaging in normal, legal protests.

It makes a certain sad and pathetic sense that the the rank-and-file occupiers, who feel isolated in their existences, and seemingly lack basic community ties such as those provided by participation in clubs, churches, and strong families, would sublimate their loss, longing, and despondency into the desire to carve out a “new home” for themselves and to surround themselves with others of their sort as some sort of support group.

Before discounting this or claiming the source, The Frontier Lab, is tainted simply read the following excerpt from December 18, 2011 statement from Occupy Wall St.’s ”Organizational” website:

It hurts to be holding GA’s here in an empty park. It hurts to stand here in the cold, fighting for nothing. I do not mean that we don’t stand for principles.

I mean that we don’t have a physical home.

There is nothing here. There are no structures. There is no sign of our community. There is no life. Yes, we are here. But we have become tourists. We visit the park, we do not occupy it.

— Christina Daniel
Buy-Out Buy-In – Proposal for GA

That certainly seems to bear out or, at least, lend weight to the “Occupational Therapy” hypothesis about the real motivations of the rabble in OWS.

The Frontier Lab report describes these rank-and-file Occupiers as “Communitarians.”

A Communitarian remarked that, upon waking each morning in the Tent City, he was struck by an overwhelming feeling of being part of a family. When queried about their formal religiosity, this segment indicated that they had grown up in largely non-religious households. One interview subject indicated that while he had grown up in a religious family, he had felt estranged due to his sexual orientation.

The Communitarians may have expressed their satisfaction at being “proactive” to correct injustices, but the value behind this satisfaction is “Security.” Security to Communitarians means reasserting some control over their futures. The rocky job market and economic outlook mean that they feel more adrift and unsure of their life plans, but for them the Occupy protests serve to translate malaise and fear into action, with a result that is both calming and empowering.

They then applied Means-Ends Theory and Laddering to map from concrete behaviors (Attributes) to emotional feedback (Consequences) to underlying values and/or beliefs (Values).

Means-Ends-Chain Theory - Attributes Consequences Values
Means-Ends Theory: Attributes → Consequences → Values

When The Frontier Lab interviewed a series of high intensity occupiers in New York and Chicago they applied this Means-Ends Theory to derive insights into the occupiers’ psyches and motivations.

It boils down to the idea that the average slacker in OWS is desperately in needs of community, fellowship, and self-validation and is seeking these things in the now-defunct OWS camps. In other words, it’s “Occupational Therapy” for them.

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Portrait Of Idiocy

What is most amazing about the rabble of the OWS mobs is the o’erweening arrogance of them combined with their self-absorption, histrionics, and delusions of worth.

Portrait Of An Idiot - OWS at its self-absorbed, histrionic finest
But You Can And Must Evict Criminal Squatters & Insurgents

The image of this particular would-be insurgent sums up the attitude perfectly. It’s truly a portrait of idiocy.

Only this particular sort of over-indulged slacker would hoist a sign like that, as if ensuring that basic peacekeeping and the law were followed somehow stripped him and his ilk of their voice.

But then, the Occupations have never truly been protests. They’ve been attacks on the financial infrastructure of America, though largely ineffectual ones to-date.

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Wall St On Nov 18

On November 17, 2011, the day after Mayor Bloomberg finally chased the OWS rabble out of Zuccotti Park, they vowed to shutdown Wall St and the financial institutions located there. They called it the Day Of Disruption

As should have been expected the slackers’ efforts were a pathetic failure. Also as should be expected, they had no staying power. While some shouted that the “event” would last all week or longer, Wall St. was quiet, peaceful, and efficient on November 18.

NYSE Nov 18 - No Occupation
NYSE Is Utterly Quiet

The police officers in NYPD’s security checkpoint at the NYSE were far more concerned about the fact that one part of the bottom bracing on their rain cover was broken than in anything going on around the NYSE – because nothing was going on.

Wall St. Nov 18 - No Occupation
Wall St. And Nassau St, Quiet As Well

Passersby and a few tourists could and did go about their business with no interference from the OWS rabble or law enforcement personnel charged with containing them.

So much for the OWS rabble’s Day Of Disruption and continuance of their illegal occupation of Lower Manhattan. Like all angry monkeys, they made a lot noise and flung a lot of feces but the creations of Man withstood them and enforced order upon them. Like all attempts at Socialism, it and it’s proponents were rejected by Americans.

I’d say that it was back to business as usual on Wall St. but business was largely never other than usual there during the occupation. It was only the small businesses and residents that were disrupted by the filth of OWS.

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