Damn, Bloomberg!

Michael  BloombergNew York City’s Mayor, Michael Bloomberg is a particularly nasty piece of quasi-Leftist, Nanny State work and right-thinking Newyorkers will never forgive this worthless scum for coercing the City Council to overturn the will of the people in order to remove his term limit.

Still, even a broken clock is right twice a day and this is apparently one of those times.

Unlike the proverbial broken clock’s predictable transient accuracy Mayor Bloomberg’s correctness is a shock to the system. He actually finally had the scum squatting in Zuccotti Park kicked out and their tents and such dismantled and/or destroyed.

Better and more shocking yet, when the puling Leftist Judge, Lucy Billings J.S.C., issued an ill-thought restraining order violating basic property rights and human safety and allowing the rabble to resume squatting in Zuccotti Park, he rightfully defied it and had the Police continue to disallow the scum to bring their camping supplies into the park.

Judge Billings never should have been allowed to hear the motion in the first place due to her longstanding Leftwing bias in similar matters. Nothing that worked for 25 years in the ACLU’s National HQ as their Litigation Director in Legal Services, creating new ways for the institution to use “lawfare” and paper terrorism to achieve their anti-American aims, has the right to dictate anything to Americans.

I’m amazed that Mayor Bloomberg understood that creatures like Billings have no proper standing to render judgements in matters such as these and that their pro-rabble, anti-Americans bias is too strong for a civic body to lend credence to – but he apparently did.

I’m also wondering what sort of bribes and/or collusion went on to guarantee that the OWS rabble’s petition got on Billings docket.

Damn, Bloomberg got something right! Now we all get to see if he’s got the stones to hold the line when this gets uglier. He has, after all, violated a a technically legal restraining order…

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13 Responses to “Damn, Bloomberg!”

  1. Forsythkid Says:

    I have an on again and off again love for the Mayor of NY City. While I can often see why he thinks the way he does, I still have to wonder why he thinks the way he does. At any rate, the rabble in Zuccotti Park do have certain rights and they have now exercised them. Time to move on and better define the movement with a Mission Statement that contains something of substance besides sex, drugs and rock and roll! Not that there is anything wrong with that!

  2. jonolan Says:

    As should be obvious from the beginning of this post, I have a pure hate relationship with Bloomberg, at least until today.

    And yes, as much as I loath them, the OWS rabble have well-established rights. Those don’t include: illegally squatting in Zuccotti Park, turning the surrounding area into an open air toilet, or disrupting the lives and livelihoods of the people in the area.

    If they want to protest, they can commute like the rest of us. If they want to be occupiers, then they should be treated as such with, if convenient, lethal response.

    For me, it’s not their message that is problematical; it’s their methods and the attitude those methods imply.

  3. Occupy The Screenplay | Reflections From a Murky Pond Says:

    […] Damn, Bloomberg! […]

  4. Alan Scott Says:

    jonolan ,

    I think all of these Liberal mayors, besides being hammered by their own citizens about the OWS slobs ruining their cities, are being told secretly by the Democratic Party and the Unions to pull the plug. OWS is no longer working politically for the establishment left .

    Let the mayors be the bad guys so that the DNC and Government unions can quietly abandon their pawns and cut their losses .

  5. jonolan Says:

    That could be. The nationwide crackdown certainly lends that hypothesis some weight.

  6. Alan Scott Says:


    It’s amazing the different coverages on OWS . I know as far as the right and wrong the various news media will give negative or positive spin according to their viewpoint. I’m more interested in how each media slants on the prospects going forward of the 99%. The rabble is being evicted from their slums nationwide. Their image is one of violence and disease. Fewer and fewer want to camp out as the winter takes hold. Yet as I watch the MSNBC clowns, you would believe that OWS is gaining strength and exerting real fear on the politicians in Washington and the evil rich .

  7. jonolan Says:

    As you pointed out, Alan, MSNBC is staffed by clowns. It’s to be expected that they’d report a neo-Socialist failure as a growing success.

    I’d lampoon them, but they do a better job of that themselves.

    I’m actually more concerned by various MSM outlets describing the filthy vermin of OWS tresspassing, squatting, blocking streets and sidewalks, and trying to disrupt people’s livelihoods as, “Civil Disobedience.”

  8. Alan Scott Says:


    Being the wannabe historian that I am, I looked up Yellow Journalism. I remembered it from high school history. http://library.thinkquest.org/C0111500/spanamer/yellow.htm

    “Yellow journalism, in short, is biased opinion masquerading as objective fact.”

    We seem to be in a similar period with cable news right now. Circulation has been replaced by TV ratings as the driving force.

  9. jonolan Says:

    Pretty much, Alan. It had to be expected though. The business model for news had to shift from a Loss Leader to a Profit and Loss model when it went to cable.

    Cable news’ business is selling commercial spots and that is their sole business. The news is just a medium by which they attract viewers which, in turn, attract advertisers. Under that model objective reporting largely goes out the window in favor of sensationalism.

    That, in turn, opened the door for commentary being portrayed as news and let the bias run rampant.

  10. Alan Scott Says:


    Then this yellow journalism cycle has to run it’s course. In the article I cited, it stated that around 1910 that cycle ended. It will be interesting to see what finally ends our current one. With the country divided into thirds the partisanship in the media will continue. One third is right, one third is left, and one third that moves back and forth on the great seesaw.

    To get back to OWS, they have 3 main sub groups. First are the anarchists, who just love a good riot. Second are the idiot college students who voted for Obama and find there are no jobs. For them it’s camp out on the streets or in their parent’s basement. Third are the professionals. The ACORN leftovers, the big unions, and Democratic Party operatives .

  11. jonolan Says:

    I don’t think that it does have to run its course. The business paradigm surrounding “news” in television has changed. That could easily make Yellow Journalism “sustainable” for a long time.

    This is made even more likely by the slow suicide the print news media engaged in when they dropped local talent in favor of national / international syndicated feeds.

    On OWS – That’s a good breakdown on OWS from one direction. I’ll arbitrarily define it as the vertical axis.

    Along the “horizontal” axis it could be described as a slurry of various agendists without the numbers to make any showing who have banded together in locations to bolster each others’ apparent numbers.

    This is part of why OWS is doomed. There’s no central message and, if they focus on one, it will disaffect most of the others who were “involved” for their own special interest concerns.

  12. Alan Scott Says:


    I don’t consider myself a real Tea Partyer because I was not in a position to help much, but I am definitely with them in spirit. I went to one rally and they were just nice people. Very disciplined, even though they were made up of separate groups. They are very patriotic and cited the Pledge of Allegiance.

    Now that I see the failures of OWS to manage their confederation of misfits, I have even more respect for the Tea Party.

  13. jonolan Says:


    That’s the difference between a gathering of Americans of diverse backgrounds with a singular goal of fixing America’s government and a gaggle of Liberals that have divergent goals bound together only by hate and the desire to destroy America.

    The TEA Party deserves respect because of their goals. Everything else is just part and parcel of being Americans, just as the contrasting behaviors of the OWS rabble are just part and parcel of them being what they are.

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