Air It Or Experience It

All across the nation various Muslim student groups have been stridently protesting any proposed air of American Sniper on the campuses of the US colleges that they’ve been allowed to attend. Given the ever-present threat that such Muslim protests will either lead to terrorist attacks or lawfare, many college administrations have given into this heckler’s veto.

American Sniper movie poster
American Sniper – Air It Or Experience It

What these Muslims seem not to realize is that they’re pushing their envelop and quickly running out of American tolerance. They need to shut up about whatever offends them or they may well experience American Sniper from the targets point of view.

And yes, if that day comes, I’ll be cheering on each and every American who exterminates a Muslim.

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So Very Unlikely

Sometimes you find an image that, at first glance, seems worth far more than 1000 words of truth. Sadly, sometimes you look at it again and find that the overt truth is being used to cover a disgusting lie or, at the very least, something so very unlikely as to be safely relegated to the realm of fantasy or delusional optimism.

Pledge to Obama
Indoctrinate Then Early And Obedience Is Assured

Given the sorry state of public schools and the nature of the rank and file of the various teachers unions, can any American honestly be expected to believe that a teacher would “facepalm” instead smiling upon seeing and hearing their students pledging their allegiance to Obama?

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Penn State Merchandise

Every crisis, catastrophy, or calamnity is also an opportunity and the discovery of the endemic support for baby raping and pedophiles at Penn State is no exception.

Penn State Pedobear Cap
Thousands Sold A Penn State Student Union

The new knot caps for the faculty, student body, and alumni to wear are selling off the racks at a phenomonal rate in the wake of discovering Jerry Sandusky’s unoffocial but approved extracurricular activities.

And thousands of Penn State’s students have expressed a fondness for these new caps. An aerospace engineering student, Paul Howard is reported to have said:

Of course I love these caps. Of course I’ve bought several. I’m trying to show my support for Mr. Sandusky’s basic human right to sexual freedom and for the coaching staff’s support for casting aside archaic sexual mores.

Other Penn State students have suggested incorporating the caps into some sort of Occupy protest and/or donating boxes of the caps to The Second Mile.

It’s so good to see the faculty and students of Penn State finding a silver lining in their pedophilia cloud that didn’t contravene their principles. 😛


NOTE: The above post is sarcastic fiction, though names and places have not been changed so as to punish the guilty. The image, however, is real; somewhere out there the pedobear cap is being sold.

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Dismantle Penn State

New Penn State Logo - The Nittany PedobearsIt’s probable that most people in America know of the disgusting events at Pennsylvania State University. It’s common knowledge that one of the institution’s football coaching staff, Jerry Sandusky was a pedophile which molested and raped young boys for decades, sometimes on Penn State’s property and that many of the coaching staff and the athletics department knew of this ongoing evil and did nothing about it.

Finally, after the police arrested the piece of filth, Jerry Sandusky and it the athletics departments complicity came to light, the university began to enact damage control measures. These included firing those members of the football coaching staff who were the long-term enablers of this pedophile.

Normally this would effectively end things. Evil was done, the perpetrators eventually dealt with, and events shift to recovering from damage these vermin caused. That’s not happening in this case due the systemic evil baked into the Penn State “culture.”

Penn State’s students’ response to board’s the termination of head coach Joe Paterno, who had known of- and enabled Sandusky’s pedophilia since 2002, was to violently riot, destroying property and repeatedly attacking the police.

Paul Howard, 24, an aerospace engineering student, jeered the police.

“Of course we’re going to riot,” he said. “What do they expect when they tell us at 10 o’clock that they fired our football coach?”

This seems to be the sort of student activity that one has to come to expect on university campuses, or at least on Penn State’s campus.

1000’s of Penn State Students Riot In Support Of Pedophiles

Perhaps worse, Assistant football coach Mike McQueary – the man who reported Sandusky for raping a young boy in the showers – had to be pulled from this weekend’s game after receiving multiple death threats for his doing so.

Don’t mistake me;  McQueary should be broken and mutilated, perhaps killed if one feels merciful. He witnessed Sandusky raping a child and neither took any to save the child nor report the filth to the police. He merely reported Sandusky’s perversion to Joe Paterno and then did nothing further when Paterno and the rest of Penn State athletics department did nothing.

It’s the fact that the pedophile’s and his enablers’ supporters are threatening him that’s the issue.

There is nothing left to redeem or salvage withing anything that resorted to violence in support of a pedophile’s long-term enablers and accomplices. Anything that could behave so isn’t even remotely human.

Evil’s Nests Are To Be Dealt With By Fire

Since America has now seen in graphic detail just what sort of creature Penn State produces via its “education” system and culture, it’s time for the entity to be closed and its buildings dismantled. By the actions of its staff, student body, and alumni it is proven beyond all doubt that there is no place in America for this thing and it must be destroyed so as to prevent any further corruption of our nation.

Let it be razed to the ground and the cleared lot left to be an example to all that America will never tolerate pedophiles, their enablers, or their supporters.

Justice Must Be Done Upon Them

The pedophiles themselves – yes, those who enabled Sandusky are morally exactly the same he is – should be dealt with by we, the People. We should exact justice from them and not leave them to overly tender, lax and liberal courts. They need to be mutilated beyond all hope of use or healing and forced to exist as broken things of mangled flesh.

The rioters who supported this pedophile and his enablers, Americans need to- and must hunt each and everyone of them down and exterminate them. No moral society, especially not one such as America, can allow itself to be weak enough to tolerate these filth’s continued existence. They must be slaughtered for the good of the nation. To do less is to be no better and no more human than these vermin.


Any bullet not spent in defense of the Right is bullet better never cast. Any blade not blooded in service of the Right is blade better never forged. Any man not willing serve the Right by and with these tools is not a man and is better never born.

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Inequality In Education

The is an inequality in education in America, just as their is an inequality in education wherever civilization has reached the point of wealth and security where studies can move from the practical to the esoteric.

Simply and bluntly put, not all college degrees are equal in value, not by a long shot.

The Value of Your Pratt BFA Degree
Would You Like Artistically Arranged Fries With That?

Yes, your “art” sucks, insofar as it will not be found worthy of purchase by the majority of people and you’ll likely never make a living off of it.

Yes, your BFA is worth something only in a very small pool of jobs with a large pool of applicants.

Yes, you will likely be forced to toil and trudge away in some meaningless job that you hate until the last spark of creativity is finally abraded from your soul.

No, you didn’t spend four years of your life and tens of thousands of dollars of your parents’ money very wisely at all. 😉


NOTE: Pratt Institute has some very well-respected and fine degree programs such as Architecture and Library Sciences and I would never claim otherwise. Their BFA program, however, is as much of a waste of time and parents’ money as any other such scam.

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