We’re Still Lazy

That’s Obama for you. The boy is almost stereotypical in his refusal to accept any responsibility for failure. So he’s continuing his claims that America lacks jobs because we’re lazy.

The Boy Still Says We’re Lazy

This time Obama is up on his soapbox claiming that Americans have been too lazy when it comes to, “Selling America and trying to attract new businesses into America.”

Truth be told, I’m not sure if Obama really believes that or if he’s just mouthing whatever his campaign managers and handlers are feeding him through the teleprompter. In either case though, it’s a ridiculous and irresponsible statement.

It fits his profile though. The Campaigner-in-Chief can hardly be expected to admit that labor unions, corporate taxes, and costly regulations – and the uncertain future costs caused by ObamaCare – have not only priced America workers off the global market but made America a very business unfriendly locale. After all, he got elected by running a high taxes, high regulation, pro-Union, anti-business ticket.

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