Do Unto Others…

Do Unto Others... Unless You're Freaky
Do Unto Others… Unless You’re Freaky

The Golden Rule has been one of the cornerstones of Man’s many attempts at faith for literally thousands and thousands of the years. But, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is really only appropriate if you’re fairly normal for your culture. If you’re freaky – or in a foreign, alien land – not so much. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hell! Probably not at all in some your cases.

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Old Bay Trolls PETA

Old Bay Trolls PETA So Well
Old Bay Trolls PETA So Well

Yeah, attacking crabbing in Maryland is right down there with the greatest bits of stupidity in history. But then, PETA is known for stupidity almost as much as their known sluttish displays and child abuse. They should have known that Old Bay would get spicy with them. ๐Ÿ˜†

Oh, and by the way, no matter what the wastes of some men’s seed of PETA claim, seafood is awesome.

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Do Your Beliefs Matter?

Do Your Beliefs Matter?
Do Your Beliefs Matter?

Either your beliefs matter or they don’t. Do your beliefs matter? Or are you one of many, many, many sorts who claim beliefs but stay silenced by the fears of opprobrium? If you’re the latter what does that say about you?

Or, maybe it says more about your beliefs – not the content thereof, but your actual understanding of them. Maybe you don’t really believe in what you think you do. Maybe, that belief or yours is just a convenient placeholder and placard for what you really believe.

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Morally Ignorant

Morally Ignorant And Proud Of It
Morally Ignorant And Proud Of It

To start with, understand that AOC is just the currently most visible, incessantly vocal, and most publicly hubristic example of what is inherently wrong with our domestic enemies, the Left and their non-White Coat-Tail Riders. They’re all like this. They always have been. And they always will be.

These sorts have always held and stridently preached that the truth is secondary to- and must be, at best, forcibly held in subordination to their and their chosen ones’ narratives.

In sad truth, they’re not only morally ignorant, their morality is based upon deliberate ignorance and rejection of the truth and any and all facts that evidence that truth. And, that means you can no more successfully argue with them than you can with any other religious fanatic.

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Year 2 Of The CWO Ends

Yesterday marked the official 2nd anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic. On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the Coronavirus to be a pandemic, thereby officially starting the COVID World Order (CWO) and striking a cruel and possible mortal blow against basic civil liberties across the globe. Two years ago yesterday, the Wuhan Flu moved the West one great leap closer to the authoritarian and conformist model of China, where the disease developed or was developed.

Fear Is Freedom

And, I’m sadly of the opinion that in most ways that will end up mattering this panicdemic will continue for the foreseeable future. Most likely it will never really end. Instead, the visible signs of certain people’s fears and need to signal conformity and isolate the rest of us will become normalized.

Plague-Ridden Democrats
They’ve Become This

There are just too many people – almost all of them the sorts who vote Democrat – who have made the coronavirus, its effects upon them, and their responses to it their identity and the basis of their moral identityor, at least, the trappings and signals thereof – for the chilling effects of the panicdemic to actually end any time in the foreseeable future.

They are too enamored of feeling better about themselves for their compliant-with-authority behaviors, too fond of castigating and demonizing the “unwashed/unmasked/unvaxxed masses,” and, odd as it seems prima facie, too attached to the pain, discomfort, and harm their “moral actions” have caused them. They’re not going to stop what they’re doing and they’re going to rebel against any “apostate” force, be it governmental or private sector who tries to convince them to “fall from grace.”

So, in many ways, even when and if the sources of authority declare that America is “reopening,” nothing much will change. This is COVID-19 World Order, after all.

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