Fake But Believable


Fake But Believable

Yeah, this is originally from The Babylon Bee, which is a satire site much in a similar vein to The Onion and Duffel Blog. It’s sadly believable though. The sorts running Hollywood are the sorts who would do something like stripping Schindler’s List of its Best Motion Picture award for not having enough LGBTQ+ characters, people of color, and other “oppressed groups.”

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I do strive to educate the masses in whatever small ways that I can, and I freely admit to a love of language and idiom. Hence, here’s a new and, I believe, quite useful addition to people’s vocabulary.

Function: adjective
Date: 2012


  1. Being so sarcastic that people don’t aren’t sure whether you’re joking or just plain crazy

Indeed, given the nature of times, this particular idiom is growing in usefulness at the same pace as digital “communication.”

Oh yeah! Sarchotic is a word i can very much relate to.

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