2020 Is Crazy

Yeah, 2020 Is Crazy! That Sort Of Crazy

Yeah, the dumpster fire that is 2020 is that sort of crazy. This funny and a bit prurient piece isn’t even that extreme when compared to some of what I’ve seen, heard, and read about.

But hey! At least there’s the chance for romance. 😆

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DNC Convention Recap

2020 DNC National Convention Recap
DNC National Convention Recap

Just a quick recap of the 2020 DNC National Convention and it’s chaos, scatterbrained madness, and dangerously anti-American rhetoric. Rhetoric that was not so oddly similar in vein and tenor to that used by both Hitler and Stalin in their respective lead-ups to taking full control of their nations.

The 2020 DNC National Convention
A Dumpster Fire Of Hate And Crazy
A Dumpster Fire Of Hate And Crazy

Or, we can just simplify things and call the 2020 DNC National Convention what is was – a dumpster fire of hate and crazy.

And these are the sorts which desire to rule America, or whatever they want to replace her with.

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Batshit Crazy?

Batshit CrazyBatshit Crazy? Who Did Decide It Was The Craziest?

Take a moment – not too long though – and think about it. Who did decide that, of all the shit in the world, bat shit was the craziest?

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I do strive to educate the masses in whatever small ways that I can, and I freely admit to a love of language and idiom. Hence, here’s a new and, I believe, quite useful addition to people’s vocabulary.

Function: adjective
Date: 2012


  1. Being so sarcastic that people don’t aren’t sure whether you’re joking or just plain crazy

Indeed, given the nature of times, this particular idiom is growing in usefulness at the same pace as digital “communication.”

Oh yeah! Sarchotic is a word i can very much relate to.

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Crazy Beautiful

A crazy beautiful redheaded babe
She’s Crazy Beautiful

This redheaded babe is crazy beautiful…but she also looks beautifully crazy with those huge, staring, blue eyes. For me at least, with my rather tumultuous past history with crazy redheads, it generates a bit of an approach-avoidance conflict. 😛

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