Food Shortages

Food Shortages Are Not Surprising
Food Shortages Are Not Surprising

With the growing food shortages – honestly, still not a problem I’ve personally noticed beyond a certain level of mild inconvenience – I wonder if Biden and Co. are proud of themselves for their part in the economic collapse of America under their attempt to rule.

On The Bright Side, What Was Bothersome Is Now Smart

But, it’s not all ill winds blowing misery across our beleaguered-from-within land. With inflation, fuel crunches, and the rising and expanding food shortages, what was long-running series of bad jokes, worse memes, and bothersome and creepy attempts at meeting women is now approaching being a smart idea for men and women.

Despite what certain sorts of females and their titularly male enablers will tell you, women do appreciate and are attracted to men with money. And now, being able to fill a grocery cart and pay for it is swiftly becoming a sign of wealth and the willingness to spend it. Hence, grocery stores are now actually becoming a place to pick up women. 😆

But, all joking aside, it’s getting bad. And, you know that there are a bunch of Millennials feeling food insecurity because their local grocery store or boutique market hasn’t had their Divina martini olives in stock in weeks! And that’s how riots start… or, at least, angry Twitter #hashtags. 👿

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