Feeling It Yet?

Feeling It Yet?
Feeling It Yet?

Feeling it yet? Feeling the pain of the Biden Administration’s and the other Dems’ policies and rhetoric? Wondering if there’s ever been a worse pain in our collective gasholes?

Then, this had to be expected when the Dems installed Biden and his handlers, overseers, and nurses in the White House. It should come as no surprise that only things Biden and Co. have built back is the Cold War and the inflation of the Jimmy Carter years.

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Food Shortages

Food Shortages Are Not Surprising
Food Shortages Are Not Surprising

With the growing food shortages – honestly, still not a problem I’ve personally noticed beyond a certain level of mild inconvenience – I wonder if Biden and Co. are proud of themselves for their part in the economic collapse of America under their attempt to rule.

On The Bright Side, What Was Bothersome Is Now Smart

But, it’s not all ill winds blowing misery across our beleaguered-from-within land. With inflation, fuel crunches, and the rising and expanding food shortages, what was long-running series of bad jokes, worse memes, and bothersome and creepy attempts at meeting women is now approaching being a smart idea for men and women.

Despite what certain sorts of females and their titularly male enablers will tell you, women do appreciate and are attracted to men with money. And now, being able to fill a grocery cart and pay for it is swiftly becoming a sign of wealth and the willingness to spend it. Hence, grocery stores are now actually becoming a place to pick up women. 😆

But, all joking aside, it’s getting bad. And, you know that there are a bunch of Millennials feeling food insecurity because their local grocery store or boutique market hasn’t had their Divina martini olives in stock in weeks! And that’s how riots start… or, at least, angry Twitter #hashtags. 👿

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I Fart Because…

I Fart Because It's The Only Gas I Can Afford
Thanks, Biden
I Fart Because It’s The Only Gas I Can Afford
Thanks, Biden

Exactly! Thanks to the Biden Price Hike, gasoline prices have skyrocketed to unheard of levels. And no; no matter how much that worthless, demented, child-molester and his equally sick handlers want to blame Putin and the oil industry for the price increase, lies don’t change facts or mitigate Creepy Uncle Joe “Bad Hands” Biden culpability for our woes.

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Ongoing Travel Restrictions

Our Ongoing Travel Restrictions

Yeah, it’s kind of funny – in the either laugh or do something “untoward” sort of way – but a year ago there were a plethora of panicdemic-based travel restrictions preventing the American people going places, and now, since Biden was installed as POTUS by the Democrats, there’s economic restrictions upon our ability to travel. 🙄

And yes, it has more to do with Biden’s installation than with Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, no matter what Creepy Uncle Joe rants at his party members. Fuel prices, along with almost all other forms of inflation, immediately started to rise on November 4, 2020 and began doing so more sharply starting upon January 21, 2021. Certainly, Putin’s actions have made it worse in recent weeks; there’s no denying that. But, the “Biden Price Hike” set the stage for the level of pain American are feeling and the severity of our ongoing travel restrictions.

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Biden's Inflating Lie

Biden's Inflating Lie: It's Not His Fault
Biden’s Inflating Lie: It’s Not His Fault

Biden doesn’t know much of or about anything and is less than capable of communicating what thoughts he does have… except for when it comes to claiming that America’s dangerous inflation spike isn’t his fault at all. He rants quite well when he’s supporting that particular lie.

Lately, Biden reiterated his lie that he wasn’t in anyway to blame for inflation to a bunch of his fellow Democrats.

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