Obama’s Singular Truth

As all Americans – and even a large number of Liberals, though essentially NO Blacks – know, Obama is a pathological liar unable to speak the unadulterated truth except in the rarest and most unintentional of instances.

To-date Obama’s singular truth has been one of those rare, unintentional instances. It was when Obama said that energy prices would “necessarily skyrocket” under his regime.

Obama filling station in Detroit, MI
Obama Gas Station In Detroit, MI

Even this wasn’t a totally unadulterated truth. Obama didn’t manage to get all of his energy agenda enacted. Yet, even so, fuel and electricity costs have risen under his regime, largely due to his and his coterie’s incessant attacks upon the energy sector.

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What Is Wrong With This?

I got an interesting tweet from the White House Press Corp earlier today. I can hardly wait to see how things spin out on this issue, especially with the election season in full bore.

So what is wrong with this? The answer one will likely arrive at depends upon one’s ideology and loyalties.

The average American, upon seeing this, is likely to say that obviously gasoline prices are far too high and rising far too sharply over the course of Obama’s attempted reign.

The Liberals and Progressives, on the other hand, are likely to see this far differently as they endorse and support higher gasoline prices as part of their strategy to “starve away” Global Warming. Hence, this sort of tweet, if the content gets any real play, will likely be used as an excuse to rant that minimum wage obviously needs to be greatly increased.

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Untrue But Not Unfair

As has been discussed here before, there’s little or truth in any statement blaming a POTUS for high fuel prices or handing them credit for lowering fuel prices. No President has as any real power to affect such prices in the short-term.

That being said, it’s not truly unfair to chastise Obama over this issue because he has repeatedly “no quite called for” exactly a drastic rise in fuel prices in order to make it seem that he wanted to make the Liberals’ dream of “green energy” a reality, however Dystopian.

It's Here - Obama's promised skyrocketing fuel prices
As Obama “Promised,” Skyrocketing Fuel Prices Are Here

H/T to Soylent Green for the image.

Words have consequences and throughout the boy’s 2008 presidential election campaign Obama made statements endorsing a massive, though gradual, rise in fuel prices. So too does the choice of whom one surrounds themselves with have consequences and Obama appointed Steven Chu as his regime’s Secretary of Energy – a man who has been quite open about his desire to spike US energy cost up to European levels in order to make “green energy” commercially viable.

Given the above, while it’s untrue that Obama has raised or failed to lower gasoline and other fuel prices, it’s not unfair to chide him over them since their what he seemed to want his base to believe that he wanted. It’s a case of “Beware what you wish for,” especially if you wish out loud on an open microphone.

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High Pump Prices

A President seeking reelection has a problem when, during an election year, gasoline prices are unacceptably high. In order to keep his job he has to figure out what to do about high pump prices but does have a few simple options.

Obama's Plan For High Gas Prices
What To Do About The High Cost Of Gas?

Of course, in the immediate context, defined as that time between now and the November elections, answer e: Blame George Bush is the only answer that benefits Obama. A cult leader like Obama can’t readily admit that he is irrelevant due to his powerlessness to affect, positively or negatively, gasoline prices at the pump.

Of course, Blaming Bush is also the easiest answer for Obama – for any problem or failing. He doesn’t want to violate the Alinskyian rule of never going outside of one’s experience or that of one’s followers. 😉

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The President’s Fault

One can rarely help laughing at the antics of jackasses, except when one is forced by their evil or incompetence to take direct action against them. Even then, one can get a chuckle out of theire pleas for mercy and for the pain to stop. 😉

Take as an example the Democrats fluid stance on gasoline prices and who is to blame for them.

It's The President's Fault
Democrats: That’s (Not) The President’s Fault!

For eight years gasoline prices, when they went up, were President Bush’s fault. Now, with their boy, Obama occupying the White House, even higher rising gasoline prices can’t possibly be his fault – even though he campaigned on attacking the oil industry and has, directly and through his proxies, said that he would raise fuel prices in order to make his constituents’ “green energy” corporations profitable.

Yes, the opinions of Democrats are still laughable. They, of course, should be grateful for that. It means Americans haven’t been forced to take direct action against them and their pain hasn’t really started yet. 😆

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