Put Me In, Coach

Put Me In, Coach
Put Me In, Coach

It’s a simple fact that we, the People would be in somewhat better straits right now if Biden hadn’t ran on and fulfilled his campaign promise to do his best to gut the American fossil fuel industry – largely and similarly to everything else this failed administration has done or attempted, because President Trump didn’t hate them. If this administration – not Biden his now senile and never intelligent self – had worked out some deals with our energy companies to make sure that the American energy sector actually used their new leases, we’d probably be sitting pretty nice right now insofar as most of the major economic factors are concerned. And, rather ironically and pleasingly, Biden’s war with Putin would even be going better, since our production and export would encroached upon Russia’s in the global market.

But, “coulda, woulda, shoulda” don’t mean much in politics and always mean that, whatever it was, wasn’t done. And, Biden’s a Democrat and someone who, by his own words, ran for POTUS solely to unseat President Trump and destroy everything he did for America. It’s not like the people who created his campaign and platform for him were going to have him blather or actual do anything to upset their more Leftist base. After all, you can only “fix” election results so far!

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Biden’s Disgust

The Karmic Irony of Biden's Disgust
The Karmic Irony of Biden’s Disgust

There is most certainly a level of karmic irony when it comes to Creepy Uncle Joe’s feelings towards the oil industry. He was installed in office and immediately showed his disgust and antipathy towards America’s domestic oil industry, only to be shown equal levels of disgust by Saudi Arabia when he begged them to delay reducing production until after the 2022 elections. 😆

I’d say that wise men tread lightly around and try to reach mutually tolerable accommodations with those that literally power the world, and hence, have power over the world, but I’ve never heard anyone, not even Democrats, claim that Biden is in any way wise.

Still though, as painful as Biden and Co. are making it for people, the karmic irony he’s being subjected to is amusing.

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You’re Being Told…

You're Being Told...
You’re Being Told…

It’s summertime and, as such, various governments of Democrat-controlled urban population centers are telling residents to turn off or turn down their ACs to prevent once again overwhelming their poorly maintained power grids. At the same time though, Democrats and the sorts which vote them into office are telling us all – and, are trying to force us – to trade in our gasoline-powered cars and trucks for electric vehicles. 🙄

The first real question facing Americans is whether this is simple, Leftist idiocracy, a matter of callous ends justifying the means, or a planned crisis to allow Democrat state and local governments to take full, direct control of the power utilities in their areas. The second real question facing Americans is how far will we go to- and how permanently will we remove the threat these Democrats pose to our nation and our People.

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Lights Out!

Lights Out! With Biden's Energy Policies, This Will Be Every Night
With Biden’s Energy Policies, This Will Be Every Night

So, someone wants us all to believe that Morgan Freeman once stated the desire for us to have an annual holiday, Space Day, when all the word’s lights are turned off for a night so that we can better see the stars.

Sadly for every American trying to survive in these times, with Biden’s – or whatever Leftist cabal’s has their hands up in his colon – idiotic and destructive energy policies, it’s getting dangerously close to the point where “lights out” will be every night and possibly every day as well. And that, my fellow besieged Americans, is the dark side of Biden and Co.’s “Build Back Better.”

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I Fart Because…

I Fart Because It's The Only Gas I Can Afford
Thanks, Biden
I Fart Because It’s The Only Gas I Can Afford
Thanks, Biden

Exactly! Thanks to the Biden Price Hike, gasoline prices have skyrocketed to unheard of levels. And no; no matter how much that worthless, demented, child-molester and his equally sick handlers want to blame Putin and the oil industry for the price increase, lies don’t change facts or mitigate Creepy Uncle Joe “Bad Hands” Biden culpability for our woes.

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