Putin's Price Hike?

It’s Not My Fault! Putin’s Price Hike!

The people controlling “Creepy Uncle Joe” Biden really, really want you to believe that America’s largely unprecedented rise of inflation, especially gasoline prices, are due to Putin’s attack upon Ukraine, with American corporations being the secondary vector in their “Axis of Evil.” This is, of course, a load and now constantly repeated lie.

Inflation, in general, started to climb almost as soon as the Democrats installed Biden as their POTUS and gasoline prices even more so. In the former case, Biden being named President was one of several inputs leading to inflation. In the latter, it was the prime cause of increased prices – though the Russia-Ukraine war, Biden and the Democrats’ response to it, and the predatory nature of commodities speculators have accelerated and exasperated the increase in fuel prices.

This is just the mirror image of the effects President Trump had on prices and the economy in general. Biden ran for office on a Democrat-written, anti-business, anti-energy sector platform and his rhetoric once being placed in office hasn’t changed. Of course, that’s had a destabilizing and damaging effect upon all facets of the economy.

So, no; it’s really Putin’s Price Hike, though the globalists’ intersectional economy has certainly responded in the expected, profiteering manner to the war. And, no again, bad and/or greedy behavior by American corporations isn’t the prime cause of inflation either. There really is no prime cause or single group or circumstance to blame. It’s a combination of a lot of factors, which very much and very strongly include Biden being in the White House.

Let me repeat that in even simpler terms. No matter what they have Biden stutter, mumble, and rant, he is partially to blame for America’s broader economic woes and has played a significant part in fuel price increases.


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