Delusional Or Disingenuous?

Delusional Or Disingenuous?
Pelosi: Delusional Or Disingenuous?

It is a bit of a quandary. Was Pelosi being delusional or disingenuous when she exclaimed, “How could this be?” over the price of a gallon of gasoline in her state of California where in some locales it has reached $6.00 a gallon.

Given that she then immediately ordered that we don’t solve for this economic disaster by increasing our domestic production of petroleum – the ONLY way to fix this immediate problem – I’d say it’s a combination of both. She was disingenuous in her shock and outrage over fuel prices, and she was delusional in believing that anyone other than the financial elite urbanites would agree with her prohibition on extended domestic drilling.

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Things Have Changed

With President Trump Things Have Changed

Now, It's Not ISIS Yelling Death To America; It;s Liberals Doing So
With President Trump Things Have Changed

Things have certainly changed since we, the People elected Donald Trump as the President of our nation. ISIS is no longer yelling, “Death to America;” they’re barely even around anymore at all. And the same can be said for most iterations of Muslim Terrorism. Indeed, when it comes to foreign enemies and global terrorism, the world has become less violent since President Trump took up the reins of power.

Sadly, on the domestic front, the domestic enemies of the People and the Nation have risen up in violent insurrection, fully endorsed and supported by the Democrats that they elected. “Death to America,” is still be shouted in various forms. It’s just being shouted by Liberals, Progressives, and their Blacks. And, some predict that it will dramaticaly increase and escalate if the American people reelect President Trump.

So yes, things have certainly changed under the management of the Trump Administration. The question that change poses for the American people is what solution are we wlling to enact to the question posed to us by the sorts that support the Democrats.

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2020 Will Make You Squeal

2020 Will Make You Squeal Like A Pig
2020 Will Make You Squeal Like A Pig

Yeah, that seems about right. Now, y’all, just open up your pretty mouths and say it with me, “Weeeeeeeeeee!!! Weeeeeeeeeeee!!!”

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You Flush TURDS!

You Flush TURDS, Not Allow Them Positions Of Authority!

Of course, they blamed President Trump! Of course, they lied about everything he did or didn’t do! They’re Democrats and that sort of behavior is all that they’re capable of and all that we, the People should expect from them and from the sorts that vote for them.

That’s why I say that we, the People need to flush them down the toilet or grind them down for compost. They certainly don’t belong in any positions of authority where their madness will cause harm.

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DNC Convention Recap

2020 DNC National Convention Recap
DNC National Convention Recap

Just a quick recap of the 2020 DNC National Convention and it’s chaos, scatterbrained madness, and dangerously anti-American rhetoric. Rhetoric that was not so oddly similar in vein and tenor to that used by both Hitler and Stalin in their respective lead-ups to taking full control of their nations.

The 2020 DNC National Convention
A Dumpster Fire Of Hate And Crazy
A Dumpster Fire Of Hate And Crazy

Or, we can just simplify things and call the 2020 DNC National Convention what is was – a dumpster fire of hate and crazy.

And these are the sorts which desire to rule America, or whatever they want to replace her with.

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