Like all Americans, I suffer from PTSD – Pretty Tired of Stupid Democrats. Honestly, this particular expression of PTSD has become a hallmark of Americanism. The only ones within our borders not experiencing it to some extent are the ones who are only Americans in the context of legal status, i.e., Democrats and likely Democrats.

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They #Woke The Dragon

They #Woke The Dragon
They #Woke The Dragon

That’s the thing about the abnormals and those than pander to them; every time they score some victories – some of which were proper and just – they just can’t stop themselves. They have to push hard and push loud, moving away from any thought of tolerance or equality under the law and towards demanding exuberant approval, special privileges, and that the state mandate their culture and/or lifestyle choices.

But, the American majority is very much like a sleeping dragon. No one in their right mind wants to poke it and wake it up because we don’t want to wake up and we’re cranky when forcibly awoken. Also, like any other dragon, our first response upon being forced awake is more often than scorched earth.

And, boycotts, regime changes through the ballot box, and punitive laws are just the beginning. Think of those reactions as what a dragon might do while still half asleep. If the #Woke crowd and their political party don’t stop poking and pushing, they may all end up dying in the flames.

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Of Lizzo And The Flute

Of Lizzo And The Flute
Of Lizzo And The Flute

There’s been a more than reasonable amount of rather strident commentary about Lizzo aka Melissa Viviane Jefferson being allowed to play James Madison’s crystal flute. None of it makes much sense to me beyond people just using it to rather pointlessly signal their patriotism to either America or her domestic enemies.

Because please! Someone tell me how a Negress getting her mouth on a White slaveowner’s instrument in order to better her situation is anything novel, anything for the Dems and their Blacks to crow about, or for the average American to rant over? I’ll wait. 😉

Oh, and by the way – or by the by-blow as the case may be – Lizzo’s a Jefferson, which might just mean something given his preferences. So, since Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were close friends, there’s even less cause for commentary.


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The “American” Liberal

The “American” Liberal

This is a case where punctuation marks are critical, specifically the quotation marks around American. This is because, while they live inside our borders and were probably even born within them, Liberals aren’t American in any way except legalistically.

One can see this by what specifically they are outraged by while being silent upon- and supporting similar but far worse things as long as they are being perpetrated by foreigners, preferably non-White foreigners. It shows that they don’t have issues with the actions, they have issues with America and traditional American values and cultural mores and icons.

That’s the thing; Liberals aren’t exactly hypocrites, they’re just disingenuous about what outrages them. They’re not against homophobia, racism, slavery, etc. They’re against America and Americas, especially White Americans.

The above being the case, Liberals aren’t Americans and should not be considered as our countrymen except in those respects mandated by the Constitution – which we must abide by for good or ill.

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What Americans Want

A Sing Of The Times - What Americans Wan
A Sing Of The Times – What Americans Want

Americans don’t want everything for free; we just want to be free – free from governmental tyranny, free from the oikophobic oppression of the #CancelCulture, and free from the real, existential threat posed by the violent rabble of #BlackLivesMatter and their enablers and fellow travelers, #Antifa. Democrats and other non-Americans seem to have opposing desires.

Yes, their sort seems to have diametrically opposed desires. They seem to want anything that they want to have to be free. This is a false belief. Democrats and other non-Americans existing within our nation’s borders won’t settle for getting whatever they want for free. Free isn’t good enough for them; they want Americans to pay for it all.

Always remember that nothing that that sort ever gets is enough unless they’re getting it harms and/or disadvantages Americans. It’s not about rising themselves up; it’s about tearing Americans down.

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