A Mecha Battle?

A Mecha Battle?
A Mecha Battle?

OK. Wow! That’s something that I never thought of. Damn! Moms are babies’ Mecha. And here I thought that they’re, like the rest of us, just living ships for our cut flora. 😆

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Dems' 2022 Dating Woes

Dems' 2022 Dating Woes
Dems’ 2022 Dating Woes

The Dems’ 2022 dating woes just keep getting worse. And that’s got to be bad for them since they were already pretty much failing at sex. For them, Netflix and Chill just keeps getting more and more difficult and more fraught with more and more problems, and that’s if they can figure out who to have sex with. 😆

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Abortive Reasoning

Abortive Reasoning Among Feminists
Abortive Reasoning Among Feminists

Now, it’s true that we’ve only one  reported case so far of a feminist aborting their baby because it was a boy and that case is unconfirmed. Yet, the important part of that is “reported.” We’ve no real idea how many feminists have killed off their own unborn children because they were going to have a son and they believe all men are sexual predators.

Frankly, I wouldn’t be that surprised if this were far more common than we’ve been given evidence of.  Given the reasoning of Feminists, it even makes a sick sort of sense that they’d prefer to kill their unborn sons – future predators – in an effort to end the “Patriarchy.”

And it’s not as if sex-selection wasn’t a disturbingly common reason for abortion in the first place, at least outside the Civilized World.  It’s certainly not unreasonable or illogical to posit that Feminists, who do not value men, would act in similar, if converse, manner to those cultures who do not value women. There’s little behavioral difference, after all, between misogyny and misandry.

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Bikini Interlude 11

Bikini Interlude – Pregkinis

As is the case with almost all the Bikini Interlude posts, there’s really no real purpose to this post beyond providing myself and any who come here a brief interlude of beauty and a last taste of these pleasures as the bikini season ends for the year.

The above being said, as July, August, and September are the months when the largest number of women give birth, let’s celebrate the pregkini because pregnant babes are no less hot than non-pregnant ones and they’re probably going to miss next year’s bikini season!

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(Click to Enlarge)

“Boom!” That’s the sound this image evokes. Not, however, the sound of Jenee’s rifle discharging – the sound of Liberals’ and Progressives’ heads exploding when they see the picture.

Renee is White – that’s enough right there to set of some of America’s domestic enemies – married to a US Marine, quite pregnant, and shooting a rifle in the great outdoors.

This picture is almost the perfect poster of what Liberals and Progressives believe is so wrong with America. Of course their heads would be exploding upon looking at it.

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